I feel some pain, but I am very relaxed

PDS Suka Updates After Shoulder Surgery ARMY: I Feel A Little Pain, But I'm Very Relaxed

After fans expressed their concerns about his health following the torn laparoscopic surgery, the ‘Dachvida’ rapper promises he will ‘come back soon’ and ‘it won’t be long’.

AceShowbiz – BDS ‘(Ponton Boys) Chuck He has recently released a personal statement following the revelation that he had undergone shoulder surgery. He took it to Weavers and informed the K-pop idol of his fans that he appreciated his interests, while reassuring them that he was fine.

“Hello, this is Suka,” he began his statement on Friday, November 6. “After the announcement, many people were worried, so I’m sorry and very grateful ..! Fortunately, the surgery went well. I feel a little pain in my current condition, but I am very relaxed.”

He admitted that he decided to have surgery after further examination. “Because I was part of my job, I tried to avoid surgery as much as I could, with rehab and shots. However, I was scared because every time I performed it got worse again,” the 27-year-old rapper explained. “So, after three of the four hospitals told me it was better to have surgery considering my condition, I had surgery .. (I was in so much pain ..!)”

Suka’s real name is Min Yoon Ji, who apologizes to his team members and ARMY for “not being able to participate in the activities currently planned.” He added, “I think this is a shame too.” However, he assured the fans, “I’ll be away for a while so I can recover soon, but I’ll be back soon. It will not be long before it wins!”

Earlier on Friday, Big Hit Entertainment, which signed with PTS, announced that its artist, Suka, had “operated on November 3 to repair his torn shoulder labyrinth.” The company said in a statement, “Suka has successfully completed surgery to resolve an issue that has been a continuing health and wellness issue, and she is currently retiring following the advice of her doctor that Suka should be strict and unrestricted.”

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“Suka’s shoulder problems started when he was injured in an accident in 2012 before he was introduced, and he was diagnosed with a displaced shoulder in 2013,” the company described Suka’s injury. “The shoulder pain continued until he was diagnosed with ‘posterior label tear on his left shoulder’ in 2019, i.e. the cartilage around his left shoulder bundle was torn. Since then, he has been receiving various treatments to prevent the injury from affecting his functions.”

“Suka has been suffering from a variety of symptoms for a long time, including the inability to raise her arms and sudden pain,” she notes, “despite continued rehabilitation and treatment … her symptoms are immeasurable.” Since this condition has affected not only the stage but also his daily life in recent years, Suka decided to have surgery after “extensive discussion with the company”.

“Following his surgery, Suka will not be able to participate in most of the official activities to fully focus on his recovery,” the company said before telling fans, “Suka also felt it was important for her to recover in good health to prepare for her compulsory military service and her post-service music career.”

Expanding on Suka’s feelings, the label said in the statement, “Suka wants to let her fans know that‘ she knows how much the fans should care and care and how sad the fans should be. ’He said,‘ Please be ready to meet you again strong and healthy. Understand this, even though I should be away for a while, wait for me to come back to you. ‘ ”

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Following the news of Suka’s surgery, ARMY flooded Twitter with messages wanting a speedy recovery using the hashtag #GetWellSoonYoongi. “I know he’s our strongest boy. He will recover very soon. We will always be with him. We will always be waiting for you. Ur health is more important than anything,” one wrote.

Another supportive message read, “Yongi has had shoulder surgery and we all know he is suffering right now. I truly hope and pray for his speedy recovery 🙁 We will wait for you min yoongi pls heal soon!”

Meanwhile, another BTS member, V.Let fans know that Suka also got his spine when he recovered, “Yongi-hyung has finished his surgery well, he’s resting right now. Yongi: I love you.”

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