What is Section 230? Why Donald Trump wants to stop the law – and remember Diaper Dawn

President Donald Trump speaks in the Diplomatic Room of the White House on Thanksgiving. (Pic: Getty)

In his latest Twitter outrage, the outgoing president raised concerns about ‘national security’

Outgoing President Donald Trump continues to create waves on Twitter – this time by launching a vicious attack on the social media platform itself.

Trump said Twitter was “sending completely wrong trends” before saying that Internet law – Section 230 – should be stopped for “national security” purposes.

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His latest outrage comes after Twitter users posted notes about his appearance using #DiaperDon at a Thanksgiving press conference.

During his address they drew attention to the regular desk he was sitting on behind, as well as the slightly paddled look of his trousers.

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The Trump reference law is Section 230 of the Communications Density Act of 1996, which protects web sites of third-party content published on its sites.

President Donald Trump thanks at the White House Diplomatic Room. (Image: Getty)

The law states that “no provider or user of an interactive computer service will treat any information provided by another information content provider as a publisher or speaker.”

This has been consistent with the rise of social media sites over the years, as companies are generally exempt from any liability that may arise from the content that its users share on its site.

The section of the law allows for post-evaluation of the content, i.e. the site company can remove posts that violate its own standards as long as it operates in good faith.

Why does Trump want Section 230 to be “stopped”?

At the event, Trump said that the “fake media” was focusing on “negative things” and not what was really going on in the world.

He did not act in favor of #DiaperDon and allowed it to be known through a series of posts on Twitter – the site he was criticizing.

He said: “After thanking the military, I gave a long press conference today and realized again that the fake news media is consolidating.

Also, Trump voiced his disapproval as #DiaperDon continues to rise through Twitter’s popular rankings.

He wrote: “Twitter sends out completely” wrong “trends, which have nothing to do with what’s really popular in the world. They create it, and only negative” stuff “.

He then called for the repeal of Section 230: “For national security purposes, Section 230 should be suspended immediately !!!”

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