Greta Dunberg mocks Trump’s election rage: ‘Sil, Donald, chill!’ – National

Greta Dunberg mocks Trump's election rage: 'Sil, Donald, chill!'  - National

Climate activist Greta Dunberg on Thursday sparked US President Donald Trump’s fading election hopes, urging him to “cool down” amid Twitter outrage over the turnout.

Trump’s “STOP THE COUNT!” The Swedish young man retweeted. Cry on Thursday, when one of his own insults is thrown back at him.

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“Very absurd,” Dunberg wrote. “Donald has to work on his anger management problem, and then go to an old-fashioned movie with a friend! Some Donald, some!”

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The 74-year-old Trump used the same words to attack the 17-year-old named Time magazine’s Person of the Year last December.

Trump has long wanted the title of “Best Person of the Year” and regretted losing his 2019 honor to Raw.

He was caught in 2017 Fake “Best Person of the Year” hid himself on the wall at one of his golf clubs.

Time named him “Best Person of the Year” in 2016.

Dunberg’s tweet received more than 1.6 million likes on Twitter within 24 hours. Trump’s old tweet peaked at 207,600.

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President Dunberg ignored the two crossing the aisle at the United Nations last year and then mocked his emotional speech on climate action on Twitter.

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“She looks like a very happy young woman looking forward to a bright and exciting future,” Trump wrote last September.

In the past, Dunberg has taken the insults of the president and added them to his Twitter biography.

The biography read last December that “a young man works on the issue of managing anger”. “I’m currently cooling down an old-fashioned movie with a friend.”

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Trump has repeatedly denied that there is climate change. He also reduced widespread pollution regulations during his presidency.

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That term appeared to be in jeopardy after election day, as postal ballots put his opponent, Joe Biden, in the running for the White House.

Without presenting evidence, Trump has made unsubstantiated allegations of widespread fraud against him.

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