US Election 2020 Live: Biden Team ‘Thinks We Can Win Tonight’ – As Trump Says He Is In A ‘Bad Mood’ | U.S. News

US Election 2020 Live: Biden Team 'Thinks We Can Win Tonight' - As Trump Says He Is In A 'Bad Mood' |  U.S. News

Analysis: ‘Trump used his early lead in Pennsylvania as an opportunity to weep. ‘

News reporter Sally Lockwood wrote in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We may have known its outcome in Pennsylvania before postal votes were counted before Election Day. Instead, ballots first had to be counted under state election rules, which revealed a Trump presence.

That margin has evaporated in Pennsylvania as postal votes have been scheduled. Democrats were more likely to vote by mail, but Donald Trump used his early lead as an opportunity to weep over wrongdoing and fraud.

The demands of the Trump campaign to waive the postal vote by filing legal challenges in the war-torn states seem to be serious attempts to delay the inevitable.

Donald Trump lost court rulings in three states yesterday. A small number of ballots are in question, and they are unlikely to make any material difference in Joe Biden’s current path.

The more limited consequence of these legal conflicts is the erosion of trust in American democracy. The repeated calls for Donald Trump to “stop the count” may have motivated an armed man to drive to Pennsylvania last night.

Donald Trump’s time at the White House will soon be over – but he sews dangerous distrust and divisions into the bitter end. There will be no talk of mercy. No merging message.

Blaming the election has been stolen from him, and the gift of separation to a country has been shattered after a shocking year.

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