Morrison aims to lock down Victoria, warns of ‘most severe’ impact on national economy | Australian economy

Scott Morrison has warned that the national economy will get another victory from the extended Victorian lockout as it targets the state map to ease controls, saying leaders “cannot create a burden that is unbearable”.

The prime minister declined to say on Monday whether the federal government would reconsider its plan to reduce the rate of employment and job-seeking programs this month, calling on the Victorian government to spell out its own economic support package before Canberra takes action.

But Morrison raised questions about Victoria’s communication – discovery capabilities, and said she believed the plan had been published by the Prime Minister. Daniel Andrews, “Bad situation” and only a “starting point” for managing the virus in the coming weeks.

Speaking to reporters in Canberra on Monday, Morrison said the plan should be “investigated” by federal and health experts because it would have “very serious implications.”

The Prime Minister said that if the limits set in the Victorian Plan were extended, Sydney would now be under curfew. New South Wales.

“Sydney does not need to be under curfew now [because] They have a tracking capability to deal with explosions, ”Morrison said.

“That’s why I say it’s important that we work to develop that tracking capability in Victoria.

In a clear attempt to exclude the federal coalition government from the strategy, Morrison said the Commonwealth had no authority to “step in and tell the Victorian government to follow another plan.”

But he said the federal government would provide “constructive feedback” on the Victorian plan after sitting down with business and industry groups. Canberra “raises these issues” in the coming days and weeks, urging Victoria to “always respond to the most up-to-date information”.

Morrison’s comments come as key figures in the federal coalition government are sharpening their attacks in tackling the Victorian government’s second wave of infections.

Sense is growing more broadly within the federal ranks, and state governments have felt free to impose stricter border controls and other drastic health measures because of the backup provided by the federal government’s primary economic support programs.

About a month ago, Federal Treasury Forecasts Victoria’s lockout could raise unemployment in Australia by 10% by the end of the year and cost the national economy between $ 10 billion and $ 12 billion.

Morrison said the Treasury would update its forecasts for the economic impact as part of the process of preparing the budget, which will be released next month, but it will no doubt have a negative impact on unemployment, income and income.

While there will be huge impacts in Victoria, there will be “domino impacts” elsewhere because of the role played by the state through supply chains in the national economy, he said.

Asked how employment and job seekers could justify lowering fee rates later this month, Morrison stressed that in light of the current restrictions on work and living in Victoria, plans are being expanded beyond the early September deadline.

Labor has signaled that it will continue to argue against the layoffs, which will be reduced from $ 1,500 for fifteen days to $ 1,200 in September and then to $ 1,000 in January, but the rate remains unresolved. The law passed last week.

The Prime Minister called on the Victorian government to outline what plans will be put in place at the state level to “mitigate the economic impact of the Victorian government’s decisions regarding the regulations and the plan they have drawn up.”

“I see what they will do first before the Commonwealth considers any answers we make,” he said.

Professor Brendan Murphy, secretary of the Federal Department of Health, said some of the assumptions on the Victorian road map appeared to be based on a “very conservative approach.”

“There is no regulatory book for this virus, but I think some of us think you can take a little more generous triggers if you have more confidence in the public health response ability,” Murphy said.

But Murphy said there is no reason to believe that Victoria is now pursuing a elimination strategy. The strategy was “aggressive repression”.

Morrison stressed that he understood the need to avoid a recurrence of the epidemic in Victoria, but said governments that manage the epidemic needed to create and maintain community support for the programs. He also called for greater recognition of differences within certain parts of regional Victoria.

“We can’t create a burden that we can’t bear, because if that happens all plans will fail,” he said.

“It invites the Victorian public to do something that has never been done before – for something like this, of course.”

Morrison joins Murphy and Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt to announce vaccine production deals Predicted overnight.

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