Packers-49 players: Aaron Rodgers views Thursday’s game as a ‘fun challenge’ despite Green Bay injuries

Packers-49 players: Aaron Rodgers views Thursday's game as a 'fun challenge' despite Green Bay injuries

After sitting in Week 8 with a calf injury, the Packers, who are running behind Aaron Jones, are likely to be on the field in Thursday’s game against 49 players, but if he can’t play, the Green Pack things will be pompous.

As things stand now, he will be in a certain role even though Jones is playing, According to Bakers are usually A.J. Dillon and Jamal Williams will run back to the deep chart in second and third place, but both players were included in the Reserve / Covid 19 list earlier this week, making them ineligible to play on Thursday.

If Jones can’t go, that means both running backs of Tyler Erwin and Dexter Williams will be forced – they are at the bottom of the deep chart that NFL fans have a good chance of ever having heard of them before this week. Basically, Aaron Rodgers will direct a backstory that will feature two players in Erwin and Williams, who have combined exactly four carries this year.

This may not be a great situation for some quarterbacks, but Rodgers sees this as a “fun challenge”.

“I think you are a competitor Always excited about the challenges, “Rodgers said this week, via the team’s official website.” Sure, you want to keep your comrades at full strength, but there is that fun challenge, go there without some of them and try to find a person the way to success. “

This is not the first time this season that Bakers has missed some attacking firepower. Alan Lazard will not play on Thursday and he missed a game for the third time this year. Rodgers also had to deal with star receiver Downey Adams, who went missing two games earlier this season, and the Packers went 2-0 in those games.

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“I don’t feel like we’re always being harassed based on some of the things we do,” Rodgers said. “We have to try to get some staff involved and move some guys. We’ll get some benefits by getting our best guys on the field and using the staff. That’s not going to change.”

Apparently, Packers coach Matt Laflour gets extra creativity when he has the manpower to work with crime.

“I think this is the beauty of what (coach) Matt (Laughlor) and the attacking staff have done this year, finding creative ways to get our best guys on the field and hiring them into positions to get the ball into space,” Rodgers said. “This week is no different.”

As for the two new guys who see the impact of the workload against 49 people, Rodgers seems to be a fan of both of them.

“I love [Williams], “Rodgers said.” Tex has a good attitude. He grew up in crime and feels very comfortable with his responsibilities in checks and pass prevention and route-flow. He has settled in a little more this year and seems more optimistic. “

According to Erwin, Rodgers loves the fact that he can play basically any attacking skill level.

“He can do a lot,” Rodgers said. “He can play the receiver, he can be our fly-option guy. He can play in the background. With those two in the protocol, we have to play a bigger role this week. We’re getting our best guys on the field.”

Both players have a good chance to see some serious action on Thursday because even though Jones has played, he is not expected to be on the field for every game. According to, the Packers star is running behind He will be in a “limited role” if he finishes playing.

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The Packers and 49ers will be kicked off at EVT Thursday night at 8:20 pm from Levi’s Stadium, and you can read our full preview for the game by clicking here.

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