OnePlus 8D OxygenOS comes with a new alert slider message, better screen fluid and more

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OnePlus is bringing updates to its OnePlus 8D smartphone very fast. The company announced on Thursday that it will be offering an upgrade to the OnePlus 8D with OxygenOS The new update comes as the second update for the OnePlus 8T in the last two weeks, and brings changes to the OnePlus 8T’s computer, camera and network capabilities, according to a reasonably long change shared by OnePlus. Interestingly, the new update does not have the October 2020 security link, which the company hopes to push into a separate update in the coming days or weeks.

According to the changelog shared by OnePlus on its official social forum, the OnePlus 8T seems to have the most important new updates to reduce heat, improved power consumption performance, improved false touch prevention and optimal fluid retention for some major games. In addition, the company has added a snack message when the user stays on / off using the alert slider. Also, OnePlus announced minor bug fixes such as the status bar constantly rotating on the screen or not being able to install Play Store applications in landscape mode.

As for the camera, OnePlus OxygenOS brings improved camera stability, and with the optimal imaging effect for a better shooting experience. The Chinese company has fixed two network issues in the latest OxygenOS update, such as network interruptions while playing games. The complete changelog for the Oxygen OS update is as follows:


Improved system power consumption efficiency to reduce heat

Advanced touch touch prevention to provide a better gaming experience

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Fluid can be upgraded with some major sports to reduce the risks of lag

You can enhance the user experience with the alert slider by adding snack messages when switching in 3 modes

Fixed an issue with the level menu rotating on the screen in landscape mode

Fixed an issue with Play Store not being able to install the app

Photo tool

Improved the imaging effect to give you the best shooting experience

Improved camera stability


Improved mobile network connectivity to improve network intensity with signal

Fixed a small probability issue of network interruption while playing games

In OnePlus’s post, the update is released in three separate buildings for different regions – create for India, for Europe, and for North America. .

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