Microsoft Announces New Xbox Parts for Series X and Series S – PGR

Microsoft Announces New Xbox Parts for Series X and Series S - PGR
  • The Xbox Series X and Series S consoles will be pre-ordered in various countries around the world on Tuesday, priced at 99 499 and 9 299 respectively.
  • Microsoft has announced new color options for wireless controllers, new battery packs and new accessories for two Xbox consoles, including bundles of USB-C cables.
  • When new consoles launch in stores, accessories can be booked online by November 10th.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles are officially available for booking in many markets. Microsoft and its retail partners have started making reservations or will soon be ready to sell the next gen consoles. Series X and Series S retail for $ 499 and 9,299, and will be shipped to your home on November 10th – everything you need to know is here. Each console will be shipped with a free Xbox wireless controller in the box, but that may not be enough for some gamers. Fortunately, Microsoft has released a handful of devices for both consoles, including spare controllers that can be booked at the same price as before.

Microsoft announced New accessories Via a blog post on the Xbox site. The company revealed that in addition to the Robot White that will be shipped with the Series S along with the Series S and Carbon Black, buyers will also get the new Xbox Controller color option. This is the Shock Blue option found below.

Microsoft also has a new rechargeable battery solution for the new Xbox controllers, which is available as an Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C cable bundle. The battery takes up to four hours to fully recharge, but can be used to play while charging.

PC gamers who want to use the Xbox Wireless Controller and Wireless Adapter for the Windows 10 bundle with their computers can bring wireless gameplay to Windows devices. Use the controller via an alternative USB-C cable, or connect via Bluetooth.

Xbox Series S and X Parts
The new Xbox Series X and Series S components, which include the Xbox Wireless Controller in three colors, include a USB wireless adapter for Windows 10, a USB-C cable, and a rechargeable battery. Image source: Microsoft

The new bundles will be available in all Xbox markets around the world, Microsoft said in a statement. In the United States for the controller. Costs 59.99, Xbox Rechargeable Battery and USB-C cable costs $ 24.99.

These parts will be available for booking on September 22nd at 8:00 am local time and will be delivered on November 10th.

Accessories may not be immediately available online in all markets where the console is available for booking, so check with other retailers if your local Microsoft Store is not listed as not available for booking.

Microsoft also noted that the Xbox Design Lab, which allows you to customize the Xbox design, will temporarily go offline on October 14 to prepare for the next console. The lab will return at some point in 2021.

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