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WhatsApp, Privacy and New Terms: What Changes - Corriere.it

Escape from WhatsApp? It will take more. But something happened: after years of debate and corruption, or allegations of misuse and misuse of our data, we discovered that accepting the Terms of Service was no longer a formality.

In the past week, tens of thousands of people around the world have downloaded news apps Signal (1.3 million in a single day) e Telegraph (25 million in three days) Because the best – used by two billion people – Share Modifying its terms of use, e It was a bit awkward to communicate.

Oh To use the words of the Italian Data Protection Commission, Which warned its European counterparts and did not rule out emergency interventions: Vague and irrelevant To allow the expression of an independent and conscious will. The utility spokesperson responded that this update provides additional transparency and does not affect privacy.

So what changes? From May 15, you will have to accept the new terms of use of WhatsApp (if the application has not already done so, the application will ask you with a notification by May 15). The deadline was set for February 8, after which WhatsApp postponed it for three months – he says – to give people more time to review and understand the news and clarify misinformation (read: Guaranteed to alleviate controversies and worries). In Italy and other parts of Europe, GDPR privacy regulation has been in place since 2018, which, among other things, requires the transparency that our guarantor wants, with fewer changes: Facebook, Acquired WhatsApp in 2014, You will continue to see the email address that users registered with the app or the device on which it is used, and this information cannot be used to send targeted ads or content, as explained by attorney Ernesto Belisario .

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Major innovation related Companies Users of WhatsApp software to communicate with customers, and those who sell for marketing purposes or in Facebook stores can access and interact with WhatsApp conversations. This is the field to focus onBecause Mark Zuckerberg’s goal is to allow his family’s apps – including Instagram – to be used for purchases and payments.

In other parts of the world and in the United States where privacy concerns coexist Content moderation after the attack on Capitol HillInstead, it is imperative to accept that data such as a mobile number or WhatsApp address book can be used to display Facebook Customized advertising. It may already be happening, but since 2016 it has been optional.

In Europe or other parts of the world, the content of Facebook or WhatsApp messages or calls cannot be accessed because it is encrypted.

Tommaso Valletti, a professor of economics at Imperial College London in 2016, was chief economist at the European Antitrust, the following year Menlo Park was fined In order to provide false information on the axis between the two applications: Even in Europe, Facebook will continue to create Statistical profiles WhatsApp users (anonymous, but based on our habits Ed) Use the data it has available. He says the data collected outside the EU will be used to train its methods and for Europeans to transmit data and refine the specification. This explains the appeal of small, independent applications that are careful to minimize data collection. However, it is difficult enough to worry about WhatsApp.

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