‘Back to the Future’ star Elsa Rawan played the most important role

Elsa Raven is best known for her role in the film Back to the future, Died 91 years old, USA Today Reported November 5th. Confirmation came from Raven’s agent, David Shaw, who received the word on November 4 from Raven’s family. Raven appeared frequently Back to the future Events including the opening of an exhibition in 2019 at the Hollywood Museum. She only appears in one scene, but she can make the whole movie possible.

A scene from Elsa Raven in the movie ‘Back to the Future’

Raven Clocktower plays the Lady. In 1985, they created the present day Back to the future, Is collecting donations to protect the clock tower in Hill Valley Town Square. The clock has been stuck at 10:04 since lightning struck in 1955.

Elsa Raven
Elsa Raven | Angela Weiss / Getty Images

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The clock tower interrupts Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) kissing his girlfriend Jennifer (Claudia Wells). She tells Marty the whole story and gives him a flyer, which later becomes important. Marty gives her a leg to leave.

Elsa Raven got Marty ‘Back to the Future’

Marty finds himself in 1955 when Doug Brown (Christopher Lloyd) builds a time machine from a de Lorion. Doc stole some plutonium to power the time machine, and the terrorists he stole came after him. They shoot Doc, but escape until 1955 in Marty de Lorian.

Packed for future exhibition
LR: Charles Fleischer, Ricky Dean Logan, Donnelly Dodigan, Elsa Raven, Bob Gale, Don Fallow and Darlin Vogel | Michael Dulberg / Getty Images

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Mardi seeks the help of the 1955 doc, but it is going to take 1.21 gigawatts to restart the time machine, he has no plutonium. Fortunately, Marty had a flyer with the date of the lightning storm that struck the clock tower. Lightning produces 1.21 gigawatts, so on November 12, 1955 at 10:04 pm Doc found a way to control the lightning in the time machine. Without that Flyer and Clocktower Lady’s talk, Marty would have been stuck in the past.

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Michael J. Fox remembered Elsa Raven

USA Today also approached Fox for comment on Raven. Fox enjoyed watching Ravana Back to the future Conferences, where he brought the Save the Clock Tower collection can and copies of Flyer from the film.

Johnny P. Goode for the future
Michael J. on guitar. Fox | Sunset Boulevard / Corbis via Getty Images

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“It took me a long time to go through any of them Back to the future Conferences or comic-con traditions, she was there when I last went, ”Fox told USA Today. “It was so nice to see her, she walked through the crowd and said, ‘Save the clock tower! Save the clock tower!'”

Elsa Raven after ‘Back to the Future’

Raven’s first arrivals were in 1963 General Hospital And War! He continued to make TV guest appearances, including one on Fox’s sitcom Family relationships, Until the 2008 episode E / r. He had 77 film and television credits.

LR: Claudia Wells and Elsa Raven | Angela Weiss / Getty Images

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In addition Back to the future, Including Raven’s film credits Titanic, In which he played Ida Strauss, a victim of a real-life accident. He played the homeowner of John Malkovich In the line of fire, Inside Dick Baldusi’s wife Fatso And real estate selling Lutz Horror in Amity House.

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