US election direct updates: Nevada results boost Biden’s chances as Trump campaign escalates legal battle for presidency

US election direct updates: Nevada results boost Biden's chances as Trump campaign escalates legal battle for presidency

I hope this is the perfect place to ask questions! Why does Mail Ins avoid Democrats? What are the benefits of mailing to suit the lifestyle of that population?

-Ray Noor

The perfect place to ask questions Ray! Forgive me If only I had been a little slow in going to them this morning. I run this ship alone, so keeping your questions and all counting / messages at once is a scam.

So, why do those votes go in favor of the Democrats? I do not think I would classify this as a “lifestyle” … but there is a clear answer to this – Corona virus infection. The United States has reported more than 107,000 new cases today, and is still reeling from the worst of the epidemic.

All the referendums that took place throughout the year showed us that Democrats are very afraid of COVID-19 and as a result are more likely to take action to protect themselves. One of those measures is to mail a ballot instead of standing in line with thousands of other people.

Plus, for months Democrat leaders such as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Michael and Barack Obama have been begging Democratic voters to vote by mail for their own protection.

Compare that to the president who unsubstantiatedly suggested that postal votes were rigged, instead encouraging his supporters to vote in person.

Personally on election day the votes were in favor of Trump, but the postal votes were largely in favor of Biden.

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