Justin Timberlake surprises Joe Biden volunteers during the virtual meeting

Justin Timberlake surprises Joe Biden volunteers during the virtual meeting

‘Cry Me a River’ hitmaker disables a virtual crowd attended by a group of Democratic campaign volunteers as they share their stories about Zoom on election day.

Justin Timberlake Surprised a group Joe Biden By disabling their campaign zoom call.

Volunteers in Philadelphia shouted for joy as they realized the pop star had joined their virtual encounter, which he posted on his Instagram page.

“I just wanted to tell you that you ‘ve got a big fan of me,” he told the “sexyback” star in the clip, referring to a group campaigning in the war-torn state of Pennsylvania. “Your city, your state will be the biggest in this election.”

The singer, 39, asked volunteers to share stories about how they became involved in the political movement, discussing his own reasons for voting for Biden. He also expressed his support for the vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, Calling her “the greatest man on earth”.

“I was always told when I was a kid that the hard work you do is work that no one sees,” he shared. “I think it’s very relevant to what you do behind the scenes for the campaign.”

The pop star previously urged his 59.4 million Instagram followers to quit and vote, the president revealed. Donald TrumpHis choice of anti-democratic.

“If you vote for the first time, or you do not know if you want to vote – because you think your voice will not make an impact, or you do not believe in the process, or all of this seems like a headache … I can say, we really need you,” Justin shared. , “I will vote for Jobiden and ama Kamalharis. I will vote early, by mail this year.”

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