Johnson urges Trump to condemn US election fraud Politics

Boris Johnson is pressuring European leaders to follow suit and warn that if Donald Trump continues to accuse the US presidential election of ballot fraud, it will damage democracy worldwide.

The Prime Minister said on Wednesday that the UK was not an ally of the United States to interfere in the internal politics of the country, which led to accusations of cowardice from Labor and contrary to the clear position of German politicians.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss said: “All politicians who have direct access to the people need to maintain confidence in the electoral process and results.” He said further commenting was “in advance” as the ballots were still being counted.

Norbert Rodgen, the German chairman of the Bundestag Foreign Committee, described Trump’s behavior as “truly unbelievable and saddening for many, many Germans to witness this bad behavior.”

The leader of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in Germany, along with fellow leader Saskia Esken, accused Trump of trying to provoke internal unrest: “Every vote count and election in a democracy is determined by the electorate.”

“A candidate, even if he is the current president, is acting anti-democratic, calling for the non-existent votes not to be counted,” Essen added. “More than ever, it is true that we must defend our democratic achievements against populist and nationalist insurgency.”

Speaking on Sky News, UK Justice Secretary Robert Fuckland became the first minister to represent any criticism, calling for a “smooth” transfer of power if Trump loses the election.

He said: “We are all watching and biting our nails to see what might happen in those major oscillating states. But the important thing in our view is that we want the world’s major democracy to make a smooth transition, and even if it is a change of president, even if it is the same president, we congratulate them well. ”

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Ministers will be reluctant to congratulate Joe Biden on his victory until Trump admits defeat, but there is a risk that the US president will not do so, and will instead challenge the decision through lengthy court-martial challenges or encouragement. His supporters take to the streets.

Foreign Selection Committee Chairman Tom Dujendat sought to avoid direct criticism of Trump’s support for his call to continue voting for Republican Senate President Mitch McConnell, but said it was wrong for Britain to get involved.

Asked if he accepted Trump’s challenge to the results, he said: “If he has the evidence, let him bring it.” That is how a fair and open legal system works. If he does not, it simply undermines the process. Vote, be quiet. ”

Tobias Elwood, the Conservative chairman of the Defense Selection Committee, sent out a warning. “As dictatorship grows around the world, how the United States handles and respects the democratic process over the next 48 hours will affect the credibility of all Western nations in maintaining, promoting, and defending the standards they have fought hard for at a time of growing global instability.”

Johnson and UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb refuse to criticize Trump, shadow trade secretary Emily Thornberry told ITV’s Beston.

“If he had been the head of any other country in the world the Secretary of State and the Prime Minister would have called it.” He added: “He’s acting like a tinbot dictator … it’s unacceptable, it should be called.”

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