Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani make bizarre claims of fraud and ‘dead’ voting in Pennsylvania

Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani make bizarre claims of fraud and 'dead' voting in Pennsylvania

Eric Trump and Rudy Giuloni have been sent to Pennsylvania by Donald Trump to resolve this whole mess.

The president’s eldest son said Democrats were trying to “cheat” in the state, in which his father’s voting lead was declining as votes were counted.

Meanwhile, Borat 2 star Rudy Giuliani said that Pennsylvania is disgraceful in voting dead people, and it is not.

After coming to the state, Eric said: “This is a complete fraud. We saw this in Philadelphia. They are trying to make fun of this country’s election.”

There is no evidence of widespread electoral fraud anywhere in the United States, including Pennsylvania.

He added: “Democrats know that the only way they can win this election is to cheat in Pennsylvania.

“We have been watching it since day one. We saw the ballots in the gutters and they did not allow our poll observers to watch the polls.

“There is video after video of them passing our affiliates at polling stations across Philadelphia.

“They are trying to deceive! They are trying to deceive! They have large 3×5 printed large posters all over the city asking people to vote for Biden / Harris, which is completely illegal. ”

He did not provide any evidence for his claims.

Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, followed him very deeply: he said: “You can see the attention.

“Not even a Republican could see one of these postal ballots.

“They may be from Mars for us, or they may be from the Democratic National Committee. Joe Biden may have voted 50 times or 5,000 times as far as we know.”

He added: “Philadelphia has a reputation for voter fraud. You have a reputation for voting for the dead.

“We’re going to see how many people who died voted here.”

After the press conference, President Trump tweeted a thrilling message that he had “claimed” the three states of Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina, and that he had not won and had no authority to “claim.”

He went on to “claim” the state of Michigan because “there were as many secret ballots as were widely reported,” he said.

It was not widely reported that any ballots were secretly dumped anywhere, even in Michigan.

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