Instagram, Facebook, Misinformation, Joe Biden, Donald Trump

Instagram, Facebook, Misinformation, Joe Biden, Donald Trump

Instagram accidentally told a “small number” of users the wrong date for the US election because Facebook has vowed to stop any users from exploiting its sites to spread false information about voting or the election.

On the morning of the election, a message appeared on the apps of some American Instagram users saying “Tomorrow is Election Day”.

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“When we disabled the ‘Tomorrow Election Day’ announcement last night, it was temporarily saved if the use of a small group is not restarted. It resolves itself when people restart. .

Caching is designed to keep computers running faster by keeping frequently requested data in a place where it can be quickly served to the end user – for example, elements of the website you are reading this article may be “temporarily” stored by your browser so it will load faster the next time you click on it.

Instagram responded to several tweets with similar news, but has yet to respond to requests for some posters for additional details, including how big the “small group of people” is for a company with more than three billion users.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, has been trying to prevent events surrounding the 2016 election from happening again, promising to prevent the spread of misinformation on its sites ahead of the election.

This includes the “voting center” that provides official information and plans to flag any tweets on election night. A candidate tries to claim victory before coming to an official conclusion.

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Twitter is trying to fight the misinformation when the election results start to come.

On Tuesday night it briefly shut down the Twitter account of Aussie satirist The Chaser And take their verified blue tick Following the impersonation tweet like Donald Trump.

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