Great Conjugation 2020: Jupiter will soon be very close to Saturn! The expectation is here

Planet Jupiter

2020 may have been unfortunate, but it really is one Treat For aerial views. Space observers have already showered the year with many unique celestial activities, and it seems to be strong at the last moment.

The world is set to see the big link between Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020. The planets are similar to each other as they have been since 1623.

The planet Jupiter

(Photo: NASA)
Jupiter gay planet with blue orbiting cool red dwarf.

What is the big link?

Combining is actually two things in the night sky that seem to be similar together. You will see the moon almost every month as it begins to approach a planet. There are rare celestial connections.

So links are illusions, unnecessary visual phenomena. After all, from a distance of 238,900 miles, the Moon orbits the Earth and seems to be closest to the most distant planets (for example, Mars is currently 44 million miles from Earth).

What’s behind the big link?

The dynamic orbits of the planets merge. Although it takes 29 Earth years to complete a complete orbit around Saturn, it takes 12 Earth years for Jupiter. The arithmetic is simple; They share the same part of the night sky every 19 years as seen from Earth, which zips very fast around the sun.

‘When is the Great Conjunction 2020?’

This “Great Conjunction 2020” will occur on Monday, December 21, 2020 when it appears on Thursday, Thursday and Saturday. Except 0.06º In the night sky after our sunset. It is equivalent to the Venus-Jupiter link Earlier this year. But it has been a strong planetary connection for more than four years.

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In case, as a bright spot of light, Jupiter and Saturn will begin to glow at dusk in the southwest.

They will appear very close on the specific date of December 21, 2020. In fact, you can take advantage of some open skies available on both sides for a few evenings.

How to find Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky?

It shines at -2.2 and is easy to see (although it is almost the same brightness as the red Mars in the eastern sky). Look southwest to find Jupiter. Blurred Saturn, to the left or far of Jupiter, is a little more complicated. Tonight, the two planets are 5 apart. There is a simple way to make sure you see Saturn; Put your hand out, put your middle three fingers together and place your right finger on Jupiter. At the other end will be Saturn.

There will be no other combination of the pair until October 31, 2040, and the two will travel a short distance after Jupiter and Saturn 1623 in the night sky just before dawn.

It deserves your attention for the upcoming generation ‘Great Conjunction 2020’ on December 21, 2020. Mark your calendars!

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