Leon vs Santos Laguna: Live Stream Online and Liga MX Updates (0-1) | 11/02/2020

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11:57 PMa minutes ago

Half time

Leon dominated, but could not do what he came for, while Julio Furch only had to shoot one play, scoring a goal that would give Santos some advantage.

11:54 PM4 minutes ago

47 ‘

A lawsuit was filed in court, but after being reviewed in the VAR, referee Oscar Mejia did not properly allow the fine.

11:52 PM6 minutes ago

45 ‘

Rodriguez goes for the ball, he goes for the ball, but he is very strong and within area.

11:48 PM10 minutes ago

41 ‘The goal of Santos

Julio Furch’s goal!
He kicked it from a distance and with the cooperation of Kota he sent the first goal of the match.

11:46 PM12 minutes ago

40 ‘

Rodriguez’s shot exceeds Lion’s goal.

11:43 PM15 minutes ago

37 ‘

Yellow card to Van Rankin who practically rode in Lyon’s player to intercept in advance.

11:38 PM20 minutes ago

32 ‘

Gail was shot by Santo as he headed back to one side of Kota’s target.

11:36 PM22 minutes ago

Large room in Acevedo

11:31 PM27 minutes ago

25 ‘

The biggest shot of the meniscus was sent to shoot Carlos Acevedo’s plane into a corner.

11:27 PM31 minutes ago

20 ‘

The goal for Gigliotti was canceled.

11:25 PM33 minutes ago

19 ‘

Mena’s fast-paced play that ends easily in Acevedo’s hands.

11:18 PM40 minutes ago

12 ‘

Cory’s first powerful shot of the match but it goes straight into Kota’s hands.

11:14 PM44 minutes ago

7 ‘

It was hard for the local team to get out with a restricted ball, pressing Santos in the first minutes.

11:06 PMan hours ago

0 ‘

The competition starts at the Nou Camp Grounds!

11:04 PMan hours ago

Santos will go for the record

10:54 PMan hours ago

Santos expresses his support for Rivas

10:45 p.m.

Young promise in court

10:17 PM2 hours ago

Looking forward to seeing the team at home

10:11 PM2 hours ago

Leon is finally home

10:02 PM2 hours ago

Start a live broadcast

In a few moments we will bring you all the details of the lines and game facing Leon vs Santos.
The last fight of the 16th round! Welcome!

6:29 PM5 hours ago

The last match between Lyon and Santos

6:24 PM6 hours ago

How and where to watch Lion vs Santos

6:19 PM6 hours ago

The last line of Santos

C. Acevedo; J. Van Rankin, h. Rodriguez, M. Daria; A. Cervantes, b. Cornica, F. Coryaran, d. Andrade, G. சாண்டோவல்; J. Forch and e. அகுயர்.

6:14 PM6 hours ago

Lyon’s last line

Cotta, Ramares, Barrero, Tesilo, Rodriguez, Navarro, Aquino, Montes, Mena, Meniscus and Gigliotti.

6:09 PM6 hours ago

The main player of Santos

6:04 PM6 hours ago

Lyon’s main player

5:59 PM6 hours ago

Santos seeks to be local in reuse

5:49 PM6 hours ago

Kick-off time

The Lyon vs Santos match will take place at the Lyon Stadium in Guanajuato, Mexico.
Kick-off at 11:00 pm ET.

5:44 PM6 hours ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s live coverage of the Cowans 2020 competition: Leon vs Santos!

My name is Salvador Espino, I will be your guest for this game.
We provide pre-game analysis, list updates and news here.

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