Elections 2020: Early turnout high; Check your polling station; What you need to know before you vote

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The Alabamas will go to the polls today to elect the next president of the United States.

Voters will also decide who will be Alabama’s next U.S. senator and who will be in other local races.

Before you go to the polls today you need to know here:

What’s on the ballot?

Federal Offices on the Vote President / Vice President; A U.S. Senate seat; And 7 House of Representatives seats. State offices are two Supreme Court co-judicial seats; 2 seats in the Criminal Court of Appeal; 2 seats in the Court of Civil Appeal; Chairman of the Public Service Commission; 4 seats on the State Board of Education; Various locations in the Circuit Court; And various seats for the District Court. Various district offices are also on the ballot.

You can find more about constitutional amendments here.

What time do polls close?

Voting ends at 7pm If you are in line to vote at 7pm you can vote.

How will the voting be?

Early photos show a high turnout. You can keep live updates here.

Where should I vote?

Check the registration status and polling place here.

Can I see a sample ballot?

You can go here to see the sample ballot.

Sample votes can be brought into the polling station, but must be removed when the voter leaves.

Want to wear a mask to vote?

Voters are encouraged to wear a face mask when voting, but that is not required.

What other corona virus protection measures should we take?

The Alabama Department of Public Health’s voter protection recommendations can be found here.

Do cross-voting rules apply?

Alabama has a law prohibiting a party from voting in the first place, and then voting to run. That rule does not apply to general elections. In a general election, your ticket – voting for any party – can be divided into any race. The party you support in the primary or in the run will not affect your vote.

ID required to vote

To vote in Alabama you must present a voter ID. Accepted IDs include a driver’s license, non-driver ID, Alabama photo voter ID card, valid federal issued ID, valid US passport, state or federal government ID, pistol permit, military ID or student or employee ID valid from college or university.

What if my name is not on the voters list?

If your name is not on the voter list, the Polling Officer will contact the Registrar Board. If you cannot determine your position, you can vote on a provisional ballot.

Can a candidate campaign outside the polls?

Yes, campaigning is allowed on election day as long as the person is at least 30 feet away from the door of the building where the polling station is located.

What if I make a mistake on my ballot?

If you make a mistake on your ballot – or change your mind, you can ask the polling staff for another ballot. The first ballot will be marked “spoiled” and you will receive a new one.

Can I wear a campaign button or shirt to the polls?

Yes, but you can not fight or leave anything at the polls.

Can I pick up the phone at the polls? What about photos?

You can take a photo at the polls, but it should be taken care of without disturbing other voters. You can take a selfie until you show it to someone else.

Can I set aside time at work to vote?

Yes, but there are restrictions based on your schedule. Conditions can be found here.

What if I believe I have seen or experienced voter fraud?

You can see your options here.

Any more questions about voting?

Call the Alabama State Electoral Division Secretary at 1-800-274-8683 or 334-242-7210.

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