Dolphins vs. Rams score: Dua Takovilova wins first NFL start with Miami defense, special teams

Dolphins vs. Rams score: Dua Takovilova wins first NFL start with Miami defense, special teams

Dua Takovilova’s first professional NFL start was going badly, but he eventually jumped in and scored his first NFL victory in his first NFL start, beating the Los Angeles Rams 28-17 in the final, which did not hold the game very close. Rams, who had the first attack of the Miami Dolphins, eliminated the fifth overall pick when Aaron Donald (yes, that guy) mowed his defender and pushed the ball into Takovilova’s face before removing it. The stumble was later recovered by Michael Brockers, who subsequently capitalized on the Rams offense with an early touch. However, defensive lineman Christian Wilkins blocked struggling Jared Koff and gave Takovilova the best field position.

He will pay the Rams with the first touch of his young NFL career, build the game and alleviate some of the early game tics as he makes some random decisions. After all, it was as if Koff had never started an NFL game before, releasing a pass rating of just 9.7 a quarter and only improving it by the amount of pass attempts he had in failing to dig his team. He threw them out of the hole.

Koff had four turning points in the first half, and the Dolphins made sure to turn three of them into touchdowns. This is not Takovilova’s eye – catching introduction, but a victory is a victory, and he is committed to his defense.

Why the Dolphins won

This is not the brightest first NFL start for Takovilova, and he should take his entire defense and special teams division to a big steak dinner – considering that both divisions ruled that day. Credit Takovilova for returning from his initial stumble to touch Coffin’s interception, but his start line was mostly memorable in Week 8. What is easily forgotten, however, is how much Koff was bullied throughout the game, with the Dolphins stealing his lunch money on a regular basis based on security and immediately moving him to a locker.

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In the first half alone Koff had four turning points, whether it was direct or indirect, and the Dolphins hit three touchdowns from them. The toss and 28-10 half-time lead was too much for a struggling Kof to overcome when Jakeem Grant returned the 88-yard punt to touchdown. Head coach Brian Flores should be proud of what he did to his defense on Sunday, entering the game as a 3.5-point trailing but came out victorious because they were the hungry dog ​​in the yard.

Why the Rams lost

At the end of the first quarter, Coff had a pass rating of 9.7, which took the last driver of the half and raised it to 32.8. As bad as it is, the rating does not take into account his two lost stumbles in a game that has consistently seen him keep his team in a deep hole. Against the Dolphins’ defense, Sean McGowan’s usual constructive and high-scoring offense was simply removed and sat in the bricks in front of the police station with no sense of where to go against the Dolphins.

At one point, Miami scored 28 points with just 56 attacking yards in total, an acknowledgment of how prosperous the Defense and Special Teams division was in Week 8. The Rams took a 7-0 lead, but it was the end of their good time in Miami. Although this was Takovilova’s first NFL start, unexpectedly Koff played like a player.

Turning point

This is where the Rams’ support could improve again – with Tokovilova’s first professional NFL touchdown to level the score at 7-7 with Toffovilo returning to the lead after Coffin’s first interception – but Emmanuel Okba was not his watch. For a 78-yard touchdown, lineman Andrew van Jingal made a compelling stumble, giving the Dolphins the first lead of the game and they never looked back.

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One minute after Van Jingle’s touchdown, Jakeem Grant smashed the roof with an 88-yard bounce return for a touchdown, raising the Dolphins 21-7 and shattering Rams’ confidence.

Speed ​​kills.

Is McVeigh Kryptonite in Miami?

“I’m starting to think Brian Flores might have Sean McGowan’s number.” – In Cameron Dasilva The Rams Wire

What’s next

The Dolphins are now heading west to face the dangerous Arizona Cardinals, while the Rams are licking their wounds during their pie week and preparing for battle with the more powerful Seattle seahorses in two weeks.

You may have missed all the highlights and action from you in the live blog below.

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