Meet Parents – Viva El Bertos

Meet Parents - Viva El Bertos

The Cardinals Went yesterday with a good chance to create, win or lose playoffs. They may need help San Francisco Giants Or play double title against Detroit Tigers, But the easiest path is to win. With one Giants Loss and a Reds Success, the Cardinals were in a different position to face San Diego Patress # 5 Seed or Los Angeles Dodgers # 1 Seed. Since they won, they have faced Parents.

When the Cardinals last saw Patres, they were a 70-92 team and last place in the NL East. Things have changed. N.L. with a 37-23 record. Not only is Patres now 2nd in the East, they have the best NL record of any untitled team. Dodgers. If you’re wondering, they’re NL. Have the second-best run difference in, surpassing opponents by 84 runs in 60 games. By comparison, the Cardinals have a +11 run difference.

Going into the 1st round, the question is “Are they real?” Well, yes. And no. Let’s focus on the fact that last year Peters won 70 games and played 60 games this year. Keep in mind that the Patress 100 is at a winning pace. This is a 30 hit improvement. I seriously doubt that they would actually be a 100 win team if they played a full season. At the same time, it’s hard to ignore that run difference. It is not a flute. Let’s focus on the specifics and see what Patress has to offer in 2020.


Here are some impressive stats. Patres is tied to the third highest home run in baseball and has the third highest isolated power (ISO) in baseball. They have these numbers when they play half the games at the bad pitcher park, Petco Park. They are guided by a 21-year-old shortcut Fernando Toddis, With 17 HRs and a .297 ISO.

In fact, they have at least 100 players with 100 PAs and a .200 ISO. Cardinals everywhere cheat fans, one of them Mani Machado, A .279 ISO and 16 HR. They also have a former brewer Trent Grisham, With 10 HRs and a .206 ISO. Cards fans can associate with pain, Brewers Fans, in losing a player who played better than he did with you. It is at this point in the list that I begin to doubt the credibility of the players: Eric Hosmer (Never in his life.2001 ISO with a .231 ISO) and Will Myers (Industry high.220 ISO – .306 ISO year).

Strikes are coming with power … not much here. They have the 6th best K% in the league. It is true that except for the guys who bring power, they are on strike Machado And Hosmer, And Hosmer’s power numbers are unbelievable. They are in the middle of the pack on walks and in the middle of the pack at BABIP. So if you like the book or the faith, it is to expel gay and trustworthy comrades Machado Decline. The best I got here.

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You take a crime that is not affected by Petco Park, and then you add Petco Park, which is a dangerous group. Patress is 5th in the league at K / 9, 5th at the league at PP / 9 and 6th at the league at HR / 9. However, I would say that talking about their pitch in general seems like a problem, but when you look at individual pitchers, in theory they seem to be more winnable here.

Potential Game 1 starter will feature a pitcher that the previous report may not be true. That is not true. Dinelson Lamet There is an absurd 34.8 K% in the season to go with 7.5 pp%. With 36.9GB%, he doesn’t get much groundball, which is where Petco’s advantage comes into play. But still, that K / BB ratio leads to 2.48 FIP, we will play in Petco, so it is not yet HR / FB% useful. Playing in the bush will be very helpful for us.

After that? Well, with Mike Clevinger Outside the first round, Patres has a couple pretty casual openers. A name well known to card fans, Zach Davis, Will select one of two games. He has 2.73 ERA, but 3.88 FIP and 4.14 xFIP. Davis There is a 4.55 ERA industry against the Cardinals. Other man, Chris Paddock, Fought heavily with human resources. Somehow he has 25 HR / FB% per annum. He has allowed 14 manpower in 12 starts. It’s his only flaw, but it’s a flaw that gave him a 4.73 era, so it’s a big flaw.


Four pitchers have savings for Patres, but the current closeness appears to be that of former Cardinal Trevor Rosenthal, who was unbelievable to Patres. Despite taking just 9 innings for them, he has the second best WAR among reliefs on his team, thanks to 14 strikeouts per walk. They get closer in front of Rosie Drew Pomeranz 1.45 has risen from the dead this year to post the era. He has some issues with walking, but he doesn’t hit many.

They also recently purchased Austin Adams, For most of the year I.L. Who spent on, but he now appears healthy, he is terrified. I remember facing him against last season Marines When he clicks, he is disgusted. He had 41.1k% with the Mariners last year. His K% is now … 41.2%. He allowed two runs yesterday and took only 4 innings in total, so his era is 4.50. We don’t like him when things click, but K% indicates we are.

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Going around the list of “guys I don’t want to face” is probably the way to go Pierce Johnson, Its overall numbers are much better than the big one, but he comes with 12.15 K / 9. The jug begins Garrett Richards Can also be used in bulb. So basically they are a right person who kills justice (Adams), A leftist who kills leftists (Pomeranians), Close to a shutdown (Rosenthal), beautiful solid medium reliever (Johnson), And a guy who can take a few innings (Richards). The rest of the bullpen is not interesting, but this is usually true of the last five guys.


Well, here we have an interstate fight because the DRS and UJR do not agree on the protection of the patrons. UZR and thus FangRaps has the third best protection for Patress. DRS, or defensive runs saved, is a +4 and 15th for the Patriots. I would say it’s very different. Both TRS and UZTR agree on Trent Grisham, who is a TRS +7 and +20 UZR / 150 fielder. I’m a little skeptical of him That Good, but he is not the cause of the imbalance.

One of the biggest imbalances is probably Todd Jr.. Last year, UZR did not think he was a good fielder. This year, UZR considers him a +4 fielder. DRS has him as a net neutral fielder. Overall Dadis Jr. has been the UZR / 150 All-4 fielder of his career so far. Anyway, I can’t figure out exactly why there is such a big difference between the two figures, but the Cardinals may or may not have the advantage of fielding depending on which statistic you believe. If you average both, the Cardinals thank you for finishing 1st in the DRS and 7th in the fielding runs.

They also steal sites

Yes. So they are good at beating, they are good at fielding, they are good at pitch, and above all, they lead the majors on stolen sites. However, they are somewhat attractive, especially if the team is not running on a good foundation. Not because they were unsuccessful in stealing sites. They have an 80% success rate. Despite that, they are 13th in the league in the PSR, meaning they are a basic base team on average set aside when swiping bags. Their PSR as a team is +0.8.

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Machado Has been the worst offender, he really was a bad foundation in his life. This may have something to do with his success rate (6 stolen sites 3 caught theft) and his slowness (387th in sprint speed). Todd Jr. leads the team with 11 stolen sites, while Grisham also has 10 stolen sites. Keep in mind that with 54 thefts in 60 games, they still steal less than a game. No matter how much he refuses, the teams still haven’t stolen much of the bat. So even though I was the first in this category I did not know that theft would come into effect.


In other words, how much credit should we give to their record as they only faced teams in the NL and AL West? I will put out the best team here: they went 4-6 against the Dodgers. They went 2-1 against 36-24 athletes. Everyone they encountered had a failed record.

Well, they contributed to the Houston Astros 29-31 record, wiping them out in the only series they faced. They went 8-2 against the Giants. Now, the Astros look better than their record, Giants … no. Although Patresses are often responsible for the Giants’ failed record, I do not think they are good.

That aside, they faced rebuilding Mariners, Chadsock Angels, collapsing Rangers, unqualified Rockies and unfortunate setbacks. If someone leaned too much, you could say they benefited from the table here. West, NL and AL both joined the four playoff teams. Central joined seven playoff teams. It’s hard to know because no one left the section, but it’s definitely an interesting summary. (If you do not trust NL Central, fine, but there were three 35+ winning teams in AL Central)

So there you have it. Basically a team without weaknesses. But like I said, they haven’t been tested for 162 games or outside the division, so they shouldn’t be good This Good, and pitch matches aren’t dangerous either. This will be difficult because the odds are good that they will be immediately put into the 0-1 hole Lamat, But as we always say, playoffs are random. We need a spectacular journey from one of our starting players, and a dodge from them, and if you can appear during separate games, you have two wins. Otherwise, the cards will be sent to the N.L. ‘S faced the second hardest team, which was the break.

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