Pierce 13 Saints 10: 2nd Half Game Thread

Pierce 13 Saints 10: 2nd Half Game Thread

The Bears beat the toss and postpone. Saints Start at 25. Latavius ​​Murray Rushing to 3. Alvin Camara Takes 2 more. Daisy Hill Is and he runs down 1st. Breeze screen Murray To 8. Murray 3rd and 1st down. Room Takes 1. Josh screen Mountain 1st place is easy but slips and its 3rd and 2nd. Room The gaps are lost in the 21 yard line Bears. Picking up a 20 yard. Screen Room Loses 2. Breeze for Kamara 3 takes to the original scrimmage. 3rd and 10. Will Lutz kicks 38 yards on the field. 3-0 Saints

Bears start at 25. Nick Foles Completed at 7 p.m. The poles will push it to 1st place. The poles end at 9. The Bears rush to 3rd and 1st place. Injury time is over. The holes are incomplete. 2nd and 10. Bears rush to 5. 3rd and 5th. Poles 11 and 1 complete. Mitchell Trobiski 2. Incomplete with QB Keeper. The Bears run to 1st place. Do not run for any profit. Marcus Davenport And Shy Tuttle Connect from work Nick Foles. 3rd and 20. 1st absolute short. The Bears kick a 44 yard field goal. 3 All.

Dionte Harris Returns to 31, but Saints are supported up to 12 on a wedge penalty flag. Murray 2. Breeze for Camara up to 48 yards for bears 39. 2nd quarter. Murray loses 1. Bears 26 and 1st for Camara. Daisy Hill Again he runs to 12. Saints in the Red Zone. Camara picks up 3. Harris is thrown a reverse sweep, he only loses 1. Murray goes to Breeze 1st and Saints 3rd. Lutz’s 27 yard kick will jump from the goal post. Not good. 3 more all.

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Bears at 20. The bears run to 5. The poles deeply complete the saints 25. Tile 1. Poles Alan Robinson To Touch Town. 10-3 bears.

The Saints begin on the 22nd after Harris slips on the return. Breeze dirty ball is not complete for Tree ‘Kuan Smith. 5. Breeze for Camara 5. Camara Limps. Incomplete for Breeze. Saints Bunt.

The Bears return to 37. The bears lose flow 4. The poles blow back Jimmy Graham Incomplete. Great success Graham. The holes are incomplete again and the bears punt. Rare 3 and out for the protection of the Saints.

Saints begin on the 14th. Murray takes 3. Camara 1. 3rd and 6. Breeze Tommie Lewis 1st short. Saints Bunt.

Bears start at 39. Bears rush to 4. Run again for 5 and 3. David Montgomery Missing spaces for 38 yards. Bears to the Saints 14. Saints who have completed injury time. Sheldon Rankins is down. Rankins sidelines it by his own power. 2 minute alert. The bears run to 1. Rankins goes to the locker room. 2. Foles short pass for 3 and 7. Time is up bears. 1:47 to half. Holes with dirty ball. 4th down. Fieldcol is good. 13-3 bears.

Saints begin at 32. Breeze to Jared Cook To 11. Brie stumbles but he recovers. 2nd and 18th.Breeze to Dionte Harris 5. 3rd and 13. Breeze to Camara 12 and Saints 4th down. Camara takes 7. Breeze to Tree ‘Quan Smith 4. Breeze to Camara 8. PI moves us to 16. Cook. 2nd and 10. Breeze Jared Cook Finished in the endzone. Touch Down. Will Loots is good. 10-7 bears. 3 seconds to half. Didn’t return, half the time.

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