Corona virus worries cause depression despite low calendar, says Stefanos Citsipas

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The Greek tennis calendar, which was drastically reduced in 2020, has reduced the physical burden on players, but the Greek coronavirus has said that depression is unusual among health concerns and ethics due to the novel.

Fatigue usually starts to show players as they hit the final lap in November after the Asian swings in September-October, but all matches in the region have been canceled due to the epidemic this year.

The tennis round was halted in March to curb the spread of flu-like illnesses, and was only relaunched in August before the US Open in New York.

“I feel good. I do not feel tired because I have not played in many tournaments this year, so there is really no reason for me to get tired,” world number six Stefanos Tsitsipas told reporters ahead of the Paris Masters on Sunday.

“The area that is more tiring than usual is definitely the virus, all the things that are constantly being shown and the changes that are happening. I would say that is the biggest challenge we face right now. ”

The dominant ATP Finals champion recently took a vacation with two-time NBA Most Valuable Player Giannis Antedogounbo, and said it was a great experience and he has a lot to learn going forward from the Milwaukee Bucks.

Tsitsipas, 22, won in Marseille and reached the final in Dubai. After resuming his professional tour, he reached the final in Hamburg and the semifinals at Roland Carros.

“I think my approach has improved a lot this year,” Chitsibas said. “Also, my composure and how quiet I am on the court has given me a lot of competition and a lot of confidence in trusting me when difficult situations arise in the competition.”

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