Christine Holgate is set to resign as Australia Post President

Christine Holgate is set to resign as Australia Post President

In a lengthy statement running on one side and half, Ms. Holgate referred to the watches saga as a “significant distraction” for the Australian Post.

“I do not believe this is good for Australia Post or my own interest. As a result, I have made the difficult decision to resign, which will allow the company to focus more on serving our customers,” he said.

Ms Holgate said her decision to buy Ms 20,000 worth of Cartier watches was accepted by many Australians as “not having passed the pub test”, but that the staff “deserved recognition”.

“I’m very sorry that a decision backed by the president two years ago to recognize the outstanding work of four employees has caused so much debate and distraction that the optics of the prizes involved” did not pass the pub test “for many,” he said.

“I still firmly believe that the Bank ஆஸ்திரேலியா Post for Australia Post has reached the end
With due recognition, their work received an investment of $ 220 million over the next few years
Dramatically improved the financial performance of the company and protected an important community
More than 50 percent of communities in Australia are dependent and service making our community post offices sustainable in the long run. “

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