Heidi Klum is unrecognizable as a home-made horror film with children

Heidi Klum is unrecognizable as a home-made horror film with children

Heidi Klum established herself as the Queen of Halloween after creating an epic horror film and going at full speed.

The 47-year-old German supermodel took to Instagram and shared a terrifying video with fans as she became a meat-eating zombie.

During the five-minute clip, the blonde blasts funny corona virus infection and the sequence of unfortunate events that happen around the world.

In the epic home-made horror, he sees Heidi opening a cupboard on the edge with a toilet roll, trying to make fun of the endless panic-buying that began with the lock opening in March.

Heidi soon finds good use for the rest of the toilet roll, although she decided to wrap her four children in paper and turn them into mummy for a cooling film.

Heidi Klum is nicknamed the ‘Queen of Halloween’ after making an epic horror film and going full speed

After the family sits down to enjoy a sausage breakfast, things get worse as the supermodel has to flee the bathroom.

While sitting in the toilet, she realized that she had used all Lou Roll in an attempt to turn her teenagers into Halloween mummies.

After casting evil spells on her children, they quickly turn her around and chase her around the house – but she finds a way out of the horrible situation by giving herself an unrecognizable product.

Had fun watching the corona virus in Heidi Flick

She turned her children into mummies

Heidi hides herself from flesh-eating creatures from head to toe by covering herself in body paint and then mixing it into a painting hanging on the wall.

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The cool movie only ends when Heidi wakes up on the sofa and realizes it’s a nightmare.

Heidi went out for all of the epic horror

She woke up to realize that this was a nightmare

Lifting the lid on the show’s stopping video, Heidi told people: “Just because we can’t go out doesn’t mean we can’t be creative and have fun.

“It’s so important to enjoy the arts and pour creative juices.

“It’s a fun way to involve the whole family. My kids really enjoyed the process.”

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