WDYTYA: David Williams fans shed tears over grandfather’s ‘terrifying’ past

WDYTYA: David Williams fans shed tears over grandfather's 'terrifying' past

David Williams Who do you think you are?

David Williams reflects on grandfather’s past (Image: BBC)

Who do you think you are? On tonight’s episode, all the left viewers were emotional as David Valliams immersed himself deeply in his great grandfather ” terrifying ‘past.

The When Shell researched his dad’s grandfather, John George Burman, who took refuge in the shock after World War I, the British Got Talent star accepted a new dominance over the comedian we know and love.

In 1916, the hero left his wife and their three children to fight in the Battle of Som.

However, after a year of disappearance, he eventually returned to Knobsbury Military Hospital – where he admitted to hearing voices.

He was later taken to Kane Hill Hospital, where he lived for the rest of his life before dying of heart failure.

David, who met with historian Alice Pramby, explored what his grandfather would have done in his 43 years in the hospital.

He explained: ‘Every aspect of his life would have been regimented. By this time there would have been breakfast, he would have eaten this meal, he would have gone out to work.

David Williams Who do you think you are?

He spent 43 years at the company before dying of heart failure (Image: BBC)

‘So, I know your paternal grandfather would have been a hero in World War I, in a military hospital, as a maniacal refuge. But you can see they tried to make life a little more fun here. ‘

David then listed a ‘public weekly entertainment program’ that included quizzes, a day at the cinema, and a session listening to the radio.

But David stood alone in the art class, and Alice actually did some of her grandfather’s work.

John George Bourman returns to painting when he seeks asylum (Image: BBC)

‘This is a sad story,’ children’s writer John said while watching a film before going to war. ‘He’s proud, he smiles, he does not know what atrocities there are to face him.’

David Williams Who do you think you are?David Valliams Who do you think you are?David Valliams Who do you think you are?David Williams Who do you think you are?David Williams Who do you think you are?

Fans upset by the story of David’s great grandfather (Images: Twitter)

“There’s a positive part to the story, and that’s the paintings, because I think the paintings could not have been scarier his life here,” he added.

‘He had a creative shop and something he cared about.

‘In my own life I have never gone through anything like him, but I was thankful to be creative in times I felt like it was an escape. I’m glad he has the paintings, and I’m glad I got them. ‘

When fans were upset about the story and took to Twitter, someone revealed that he wanted to give David a hug.

‘Very sad,’ wrote another: ‘I was looking at your #wdytya, totally emotional and I sat there in tears thinking about how we treated our heroes.

‘One of the best episodes I’ve ever seen. David, thank you for sharing your family story with us. Back then MindCarity was really needed. ‘

Others realized this: ‘David Valliams #WDYTYA with incredible evidence of WW1 in general and beyond. Scary. ‘

Who do you think you are? Broadcast on BBC One.

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