Corona virus – live updates: NHS usage error as churches have had services for at least a month last Sunday | UK News

Corona virus - live updates: NHS usage error as churches have had services for at least a month last Sunday |  UK News

Was the holiday booked or stuck abroad? Your travel questions answered …

Can I go on vacation?

No. The national lock-in for those in the UK prohibits day trips and holidays abroad because they are not for specific reasons such as going to school or going to the supermarket.

What if I am already abroad?

Passengers do not have to return quickly from their trips.

Airlines are responsible for bringing passengers home under the Consumer Law, but the flight schedule will be reduced in response to declining demand, which means many will be forced to change their travel dates.

Thought we could go to the Canary Islands?

Less than two weeks after the government removed the isolated need for people returning from the Spanish islands.

This led airlines to pay for additional flights to cope with the rise in bookings.

Will the travel corridors continue?

The Prime Minister did not mention the travel corridors in his Saturday night press conference, meaning that people from certain areas are likely to be exempted from continued isolation.

But if locked the number of passengers would decrease anyway.

Will I get my money back if I book a vacation that I can no longer go to?

If your flight still progresses and nothing changes in your destination, you have no automatic right to a refund.

But due to the new restrictions many flights are likely to land from Thursday, meaning those who have already booked will get a refund.

If I have the right to a refund, how quickly will I receive my refund?

UK consumers are protected under European law, which requires a full refund within seven days for canceled flights and 14 days for unpaid package holidays.

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But since the outbreak of the corona virus many have had difficulty making payments from airlines and holiday companies.

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