Whistleblower Sophie Jong condemns Facebook's shortcomings

Whistleblower Sophie Jong condemns Facebook’s shortcomings

Written by Florian Reynolds

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In September 2020, On the site BuzzFeed Revealed Deleted internal document published by a Facebook employee. In this speech, Sophie Zhang, a Data Scientist (Data expert) Princeton, a graduate of the University of Michigan and who has worked for the California Institute for more than two years, has strongly condemned the social network, believing that it does not adequately combat the actions of political manipulation around the world.

Seven months later, Sophie Zhang, who initially did not want to speak to the press, spoke publicly, In a series of articles published in Guardian. When there were politicians in Honduras, Azerbaijan or India, the British daily described many cases where Facebook was late or failed to function. Created fake accounts or fake pages on the social network to conduct political or false campaigns.

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A “New Recruitment of Municipal Police”

Visit on Facebook in 2018, Sophie Zhang, it The world He was able to raise the question on Wednesday, April 21, and worked on the group responsible for “fake engagement” on Facebook until 2020. The social network actually fights to detect all fraudulent applications on its sites (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.): for example, creating fake accounts or false pages, purchasing “J” options, or posting bulk comments.

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“The majority [de cette activité] Not politics ”Sophie Jong’s main job is to detect classic scams: for example, a person who buys fake “options” for his own publications or a small business.

The issue has been sensitive since the 2016 US elections

Political manipulations such as using fake accounts to artificially elevate the candidate’s publications or publishing misleading comments for campaign purposes are closely monitored by the social network. The site has been fraudulently used by Donald Trump supporters or Russian handlers since the 2016 US election.

Political manipulations are handled by separate groups on Facebook, which has the most sophisticated fraudulent activities, which the social network calls “Integrated Passive Behavior” (Integrated passive behavior, Or CIB), they are monitored by a specific team.

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