Alonso’s fame “marks a lot of hell” for Russell

Alonso's fame "marks a lot of hell" for Russell

Russell has been a regular inspiration since his F1 debut with Williams in 2019, never qualifying against a team player at the 34th Grand Prix.

This led to comparisons between former Russell and two-time F1 World Champion Alonso on how he performed for the backward Minardi team in 2001 early in his career.

In an interview Sky Sports Before he returned to the F1 in 2021, Alonso was asked who among the young drivers currently racing in the F1 had the highest score.

“They all came up with driving academies that produced the best product, performance and skills, helping them from a very young age, and now they do their job,” Alonso said.

“Of all of them, George Russell surprises me every weekend with how he drives Williams. [with] Zero errors. I am very surprised about his natural speed.

“So if I had to say a name, Russell would be my choice for the future.”

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Russell showed another interesting scene in qualifying for Imola on Saturday, reaching Q2 for the eighth time this season.

The Mercedes Support Jr. said he had heard and appreciated Alonso’s kind words.

“It’s a lot of hell for me to come from a person like Fernando,” Russell said. “I expect him to race next year. I hope he’s going to fly. I appreciate that.”

Alonso’s praise of Russell was echoed by Dave Robson, Williams’ vehicle performance leader, who said Britain was “exceptionally good”, especially seeing the team sit poorly from other sectors after a difficult 2019.

“He has progressed. The car has helped him a lot more than last year, but still, I think he’s very good at making the most of last year’s situation,” Robson said.

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“In some of those hardships, I think he’s probably learned. He will look back in five or 10 years. He thinks last year was really worthwhile, sometimes pathetic, but of course he has progressed.

“He’s really valuable. Hope that truly guides us, now experience. He still has a lot to learn, but has undoubtedly accelerated.

“I think he’s a real talent, a huge asset to the team.”

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