HReviews: My experience with the Chromebook I brought with me during COVID

As the school year begins, many students expect to buy laptops for school. I am one of them. After receiving a generous grant from Quest for Excellence, I was able to purchase a Chromebook, which is increasing in price due to increasing demand. I’m been using a Chromebook (Lenovo IdeaPad) for a month now and will give some of my honest reflections on this gadget.

First and foremost, I am generally satisfied with this system. I think the hardware and “specifications” are very solid. Price 600 As far as the price range is concerned, this is definitely a bargain, and for my everyday use, I think it’s as good as a high priced laptop like a MacBook. (I, unfortunately, bought this for $ 700, so I’m very defensive, so here’s a definite pro))


I like the feel of the titanium keyboards, which is pretty much more beautiful than your regular keyboard. The keyboard also has a backlink option, which I didn’t use, but was an attractive addition (who doesn’t like more functions?) As well as the fingerprint reader, which reads my fingerprint 99% of the time. These little things were honestly an important point for me because I mainly wanted a laptop to be compatible with heavy web usage, compatible with Google products, and had a long battery life, which I did not do because I was going to use Chrome and education related apps / sites a lot of the time. The system has tough expectations. Other small features, such as the privacy shutter for the webcam and front-facing speakers, are 2 in 1 convertible, which elevated my impression of a versatile laptop worth the buck.

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Battery life
Lenovo was in a very affordable price range, but the battery life is honestly quite enjoyable. I used an HP laptop before and it looks like it only has 5 hours of battery life. IdeaPad advertises that it has 10 hours of battery life, which seems very accurate because when I charge it up to 100%, I do not need to charge it until the next day or night. As I use my laptop all day, battery life is very important and overall, I am satisfied with the battery life and capabilities of this little body!


Minor disturbances

I have no major issues with this computer, but there are some small things that, if fixed, can improve my experience. First, the tracking bat is sometimes tasty. I sometimes get a little confused with the pad, but thankfully this is a touch screen, so this is not really a big issue. Next, due to the material this laptop is made of, there are easily blurred prints on the surface. Again, this is not a big issue, but it does affect aesthetics (but is that what makes the fingerprint reader so useful?). Finally, the most important of these glitches or shortcomings is that it is easily disconnected from the Internet. I do not know if this is simply an ME problem or regular, but compared to my iPad, my PC is often disconnected from my internet, and it takes a while to recover. Admittedly, I do not have the best wifi and it will become an issue if it continues. However, it does not seem like it, so I would say this is not a big issue.

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Final Notes

Overall, I am very pleased with my decision to purchase the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5. The extra features are awesome, but should not be my deciding factor. Fortunately, the hardware is highly streamlined and convenient to use. I recommend this laptop for students who use this laptop for distance learning and for adults who need a laptop for personal use. Considering the overall specifications of this laptop are above average and considering its price range, I think this is one of the best convertibles. Oh, and even though it was “Amazon Choice” and I didn’t know how much it meant, it definitely worked to convince me that I had more confidence in this laptop.

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