Qatar News World News reports that searchers for Australian women at Doha airport have committed “illegal acts”

The Qatari government says those responsible for close medical examinations of women at Doha airport have not followed standard procedures and have been prosecuted.

Women On 10 planes, including 18 women heading to Sydney – a newborn baby was found dumped at the terminal in early October. The government said on Friday that a preliminary investigation into the “attempted murder” of the child and subsequent procedures by airport officials had found that “standard procedures had been violated”.

“Those responsible for these violations and illegal activities have been sent to the Public Prosecution Office,” the Qatari government said in a statement.

“It simply came to our notice then [the airport] It has previously served tens of thousands of passengers without such problems. What happened was completely contrary to the culture and values โ€‹โ€‹of Qatar. Qatar Fully guaranteed for the safety and security of all passengers. โ€

The government “apologizes for leaving some female passengers as a result of the measures”. The findings of the final report will be shared “soon in the future”.

On Wednesday, the Qatari government said it regretted “any suffering or violation of the personal liberty of any passenger” caused by the decision to conduct intimate medical examinations of women traveling through Doha airport, in which an “urgent decision was made to find the mother of the abandoned child.

The Australian government confirmed this week that 18 women on a flight from Doha to Sydney had been subjected to compulsory screening, including 13 Australian citizens. Passengers on 10 flights departing from Doha on the evening of October 2 have been affected.

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called the treatment of women aggression “unacceptable” and “terrifying” and said his government would take a tough stance in seeking answers and ensuring it never happens again.

The Qatari government issued a statement on Wednesday, three days after the incident became global news. It said the search was triggered by the discovery of a baby in a rubbish bin at Hamad International Airport that was “hidden in a plastic bag and buried under the rubbish”.

“The baby girl was rescued from what appeared to be a shocking and horrific murder attempt,” the statement said.

“The baby is now safe in medical care in Doha. This is the first case of an abandoned child being found in such a condition at the HIA – this heinous and life-threatening violation triggered an immediate search for parents, including planes near the place where the newborn was found.” Although the purpose is to prevent the perpetrators of a heinous crime from escaping, the Government of Qatar regrets any harm or violation of the personal liberties of any of the passengers caused by this operation. โ€

There is New Zealand Revealed one of its citizens One of the women who underwent an aggressive pelvic exam at Doha airport called the move “completely unacceptable.” The search team included two British women, UK officials have confirmed.

It is not clear from Friday’s report whether the persons who authorized the search, or those who conducted the exams, or both, were referred to lawyers.

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