Calvin Ridley was ruled out of the game with an ankle injury

Calvin Ridley was ruled out of the game with an ankle injury

It continues. Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley His legs seemed to change after snatching a pass Matt Ryan Midway in the second quarter.

Unfortunately, the gifted receiver is out for the rest of the game. For his sake, we hope it hurts a week.

Ridley Shortly afterwards, he was attended by coaches before heading to the locker room for further evaluation. As for the team, he’s an ankle questioner, which may not seem big, but could have been worse.

The Falcons Then a touchdown score Calvin RidleyInjury, but you can not exaggerate how much his presence means to the crime. Ridley It currently has six touchdowns a year, and is a focal point in Atlanta’s airstrikes through seven games.

With Calvin Ridley The Falcons will now mix as the foot injury is being assessed Christian Blake And Brandon Powell In the forces they receive. Atlanta is currently trailing Carolina 13-14 RidleyAbsence may be important.

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