Boston Bruins legend Bobby approves of Trump in a new ad

Boston Bruins legend Bobby endorsed Republican President Donald Trump in an ad in the Manchester Union-Leader on Friday, saying Trump “gave for the American people.”

In that ad, the 72-year-old had a picture with Trump with Orr and his wife, Becky, who are all smiling and gesturing with their thumbs.

“Some of you may not be determined at this point yet. Your vote for President Trump will help the United States move forward in the years to come. So please join me and Becky in supporting President Donald J. Trump for re-election in this very important election,” the ad said.

The ad was signed “Respectfully, Bobby Orr,” and a note below read, “Bobby Orr paid.”

The ad comes in the final days of Trump’s re-election campaign against Democrat Joe Biden.

One Canadian-born, in the ad, said, “I have never done anything like this before, but I care deeply about the country I raised my family in – a country I grew up deeply in love with. I want my grandchildren to know America as a place of opportunity and patriotism.”

Orin’s approval came a day after 80-year-old golf legend Jack Nicholas endorsed Trump in a tweet.

An ad and a Nicholas tweet shared several arguments and a few words.

“You don’t like his tweets or how the president sometimes says things, it’s your right. But remember, this is not a personality contest; it’s about policies and the people who help those policies,” one ad said.

“You don’t like our president saying or tweeting certain things – trust me, I told him! – but I learned to go beyond that and focus on what he was trying to achieve. It’s not about personality competition; it’s about patriotism, policies and the people they influence,” Nicholas tweeted. Wrote.

Jeremiah Manion of Globe staff contributed to this report.

Martin Fincane can be accessed at [email protected].

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