Test PS5 Initial Access Release Date Revealed

Test PS5 Initial Access Release Date Revealed

Sony has announced initial access to it Got it got it Will kick-off on PlayStation 5 on December 8th. MMORPG catches a monster from the bundle of cream and humble Got it got it Slightly reminiscent of Pokemon. The game is set to be released on Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X / S in 2021, but PlayStation fans will be able to get a start before other console owners; Got it got it Came back to the computer via Steam in January. For a limited time, PlayStation players can pre-order the game at a discounted price. The standard version of the game is $ 37.49 (usually $ 39.99), the deluxe version is $ 57.49 (usually $ 59.99).

With the announcement, PlayStation has unveiled a new trailer Got it got it. For the unfamiliar audience, the trailer gives a brief overview of the concept and world of the game. The trailer can be found in the tweet embedded below.

There are a few offers for PlayStation owners to pre-order the game. Advance access and pre-orders will receive BSN avatars and exclusive game titles. Crema plans to add more content in the coming months, as well as increase the price of the basic game. When all the content is released, Got it got it . It costs 44.99, so buyers of the game before will actually save money!

Although the game is clearly inspired by Pokemon, Got it got it It has many features that set it apart from the Nintendo-exclusive series. Players catch creatures called dem, and can use them in online and ranking battles. Players can fully customize their player character and home, participate in weekly challenges and much more. The promotion of the game can be fully enjoyed by the co-op and can be completed in about 30 hours, but the content that will be published in that order cannot be calculated.

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For PlayStation fans eager to enjoy the monster catch game on the PS5 operating system, Got it got it Definitely promising! The game has found strong sales on Steam, so it will be interesting to see if the game is equally acceptable on the PS5.

Are you looking forward to it? Got it got it On the PS5? Are you planning to pre-order the game? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter Ar Marktachamp Gaming to talk about all things!

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