Marriott now offers hotel rooms throughout the day so workers can escape from home

Marriott now offers hotel rooms by the day so workers can escape home

Hotel tenure rates have plummeted since the trip hit the motel. At the same time, Govt’s restrictions see more people than ever before leaving the office to work from home.

According to Marriott, lemons have become an opportunity to turn lemons into juice, and the world’s largest hotel group now offers Labor Friendly Day Pass in many of its key attributes.

It provides access to a room – in some cases – from 6am to 6pm, with free access to WiFi and (where available) business facilities such as printing, faxing and scanning. Need some idle time? Attack a hotel pool or fitness center.

Marriott Ponway members can earn points at their daytime shelter (at a rate of 5-10 points per US dollar) and receive a “compliment assortment of snacks”.

If you want to have a Ponytail Platinum Elite, Titanium Elite or Messenger Elite card in your wallet, this will also open the hotel’s management lounge at your day accommodation.

The thinking behind Day Boss

If you find that working from home is fraught with distractions – especially if you have to work seamlessly, focused and seamlessly on that important presentation or project – a day pass may be your ticket to productivity and common sense.

“Working long distances does not necessarily mean working from home, where blurred lines between personal and professional life can create distractions and stress,” says Stephanie Linardz, chair of the Marriott International Group.

“By redesigning our hotel rooms as local remote workplaces for our clients, we invite guests to work with Marriott Bono anywhere, and help them achieve a better work / life balance.”

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“By offering flexible booking options, our loyal members and guests have a familiar alternative when choosing where to work.”

Marriott says with the planned expansion in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, its day pass is currently available in select rooms in Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas, New York, Toronto, London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.

How much does this cost? Executive traveler Day pass rates on several Marriott properties were checked in mid-November:

  • Marriott Tong Plaza, Singapore (Deluxe Room) S $ 155
  • St. Regis, Singapore (Executive Deluxe Room) S $ 180
  • W Hong Kong (standard city showroom) HK $ 1200
  • JW Marriott, Hong Kong (Fixed Room) HK $ 1250
  • Marriott Crosswener Square, London (standard room) 140
  • Marriott Crosswener Square, London (Collection) £ 190

Upgrade to Stay Pass

There’s also a stay pass, which combines a one-day pass with an overnight stay and an extra late departure at 6pm the next day, Marriott says: it’s a full 36 hours.

This includes a free breakfast and an evening of cocktails, wherever members of the Marriott Ponvai receive Elite Dinner.

Stay Boss is available at a wide range of Marriott properties – almost 2,000 hotels worldwide – not all Day Pass hotels appear to be available for Stay Pass.

For comparison, Executive traveler A stay pass at Marriott Crosswener Square in London is priced at 9 209 for a standard room (against $ 140 per day pass) and 0 290 (£ 190 per day pass) per set.

All around is family-friendly Play Pass, which is “available in luxury and resort locations worldwide.”

“Guests enjoy a business reception, supervised children’s activities, preferred office / study venues and experiences for the whole family,” Marriott promises.

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