The United States is blocking the election of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as the next head of the World Trade Organization

The United States is blocking the appointment Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala As the next head of the World Trade Organization, the former Nigerian finance minister has emerged despite the overwhelming support of 164 members of the World Trade Organization.

After gaining the support of a key group of trade ambassadors in Geneva, Enkoshi went one step further to become the first woman and first African to be director of the Global Trade Monitoring Group. Sounds taken by a selection panel of three WTO trade ministers, Okonjo-Ivela had more support than his South Korean rival, Yu Myung-hee.

Sources said Enkoji was supported by countries in the Caribbean, Africa, the European Union, China, Japan and Australia.

However, his candidacy failed to win the support of Washington, which raised last-minute objections. Process The new Director General was thus elected. The original list of eight candidates, including England’s Liam Fox, has been reduced to the final two since the summer.

According to tradition, the WTO elects its Director-General by consensus, with all 164 members approving a candidate. The United States has long been dissatisfied with the way the World Trade Organization has been operating, objecting to China’s appointment as a developing country and blocking the appointment of new judges to the organization’s appeals panel.

Sources said it was not clear whether Washington had deliberately opposed Nokoji to sabotage an organization that was highly criticized by Donald Trump.

A spokesman for the World Trade Organization (WTO) said his candidacy would be submitted to the body’s governing body for a meeting on November 9, and that there could be “frenzy” in the meantime to reach a consensus.

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If Washington says it does not support Ngozi, the constitution of the World Trade Organization will ultimately vote, although in the 25-year history of the company every previous Director-General has been appointed by consensus and trade professionals have been appointed against the wishes of the United States.

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Sources in Geneva say the US position could be affected as a result of next week’s presidential election, and Joe Biden is currently expected to win.

A spokesman for Ngozi said: “Today, Dr. Ngozi is very humbled to have the support of the World Trade Organization’s Select Committee.

“Dr. Enkoshi looks forward to the General Assembly on November 9, when the panel will nominate him as Director General. It will allow members to work together on a quick decision on the process, urgent challenges and priorities.”

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