Kylie Jenner is ‘afraid’ to show her ‘true personality’

Kylie Jenner is 'afraid' to show her 'true personality'

When James Charles appeared on a YouTube video, Kylie cosmetics founder also shared her Halloween plan because Kim Kardashian is about to host a big event for the kids at her home.

Kylie Jenner It’s not new that he’s acting. “Continuing with the Kardashians Because she is 9 years old. However, it appears that what fans see on screen is not really his true personality.

During his appearance James Charles‘YouTube video, when they filmed a Halloween makeup tutorial, Kylie the cosmetics founder opened up that she has some pages that she was forced to hide from the cameras.

“I think I showed my true personality on Vine and Instagram so long ago,” the reality TV personality revealed to James. “But as I grew older, I realized … when people really tell me how I really am, my personality and how much I love myself, it almost affects me more than acting in a character.”

Because of that, Kylie decided to stop showing her true personality. “So I started to do a little less, it’s sad, it’s sad for me,” he admitted.

James said at the time that Kylie was really a funny and humorous person. To which one’s mother replied, “You say so … that is a great compliment to me. But it is something very sacred.” However, Kylie added that she plans to “do more” on her own YouTube channel.

In the video, Kylie also shared that she wants to expand her family. “I like it so bad, I think about it every day,” the 23-year-old said. When asked if she had a detailed plan for it, she said, “I do not know when. I do not plan, I do not have time for it to happen. You can not like more.

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Kylie also previously talked about giving siblings to her daughter Stormy, whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott (II). “I want more children, but I have no plans to have children in the future,” he told Germany.

As for her Halloween plan, Kylie shared in the new video Kim Kardashian She plans to hold “something very special” at her home. “We’m going to finish all the relatives, I think we’ve going to make fake little houses in the backyard so they can cheat or treat me. Stormy loves Halloween. She’s been talking about it for the last two months. She wants to be a minion,” he said. When asked about her costume for Halloween this year, Kylie insisted on keeping it a secret now.

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