Maria Carey was nicknamed the ‘Mongol’ in her childhood: it was so horrible

Maria Carey was nicknamed the ‘Mongol’ in her childhood: it was so horrible

The ‘Without You’ singer, who spoke with Trevor Noah on ‘The Daily Show’, describes her racist experience, which caused a ‘shocking’ feeling when she was growing up among whites.

Maria Carey Has enjoyed a fair share of growing racism. In a new revealing interview about his new book “The Meaning of Maria”, the “Fantasy” hitmaker opened up about his “most horrific” trials when he was branded a “Mongol” due to his mixed race background.

Appears on Friday, October 2 episodeDaily ShowThe 50-year-old shared that he grew up in “mostly white neighborhoods with people with good homes.” Trevor Noah, “There I hate to use the word for most of them, but a Mongolian. So, for that reason they don’t have a very high opinion of me.”

Ex-wife Nick Cannon He made the revelation after being asked how he handled a memory that was locked in a room during a birthday party and was repeatedly called n-word by his white colleagues. Recalling a particularly painful moment in his life, he admitted, “It was a very painful experience.”

The hitmaker “All I Want for Christmas Is You” noted that he did not “actually talk to most people” about the incident. He justified, “I do not know if I’ve ever felt the need to talk to anyone about this, because I do not know that I am the only person in the world who has experienced such a traumatic event. But it is very specific.”

“I don’t know why most people don’t expect this … because of racial ambiguity? Whatever,” the mother of the twins continued to explain why she did so in the past. “But I’m not always doing my hair and makeup and clothes and good things, you know?”

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Maria pointed out the ingenuity with which she wrote about such difficult things, and I definitely go to the place of humor like, “Oh, I’m so sad, I’m crying, I’m depressed.” He added, “That’s why labels on people and ‘Oh, this is you, this is you’ or whatever … it’s hard. You know it’s hard, I don’t have to tell you. But … yes, I laugh more than I cry. ”

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