Google 3D Halloween Version: How To See Your Home Guide Cat And Dancing Skeleton

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October 28, 2020 5:40:24 pm

Google 3D Objects, Google 3D Animals, Google 3D, Google, Google 3D Jack O Lamp, Google 3D Ghost, Google 3D Hot Dog, Google 3D Black Cat, Google 3D Guide Cat, Google 3D Pirate Dog, Google 3D German ShepherdGoogle has added three Halloween specific animals to its 3D list, including a Black Cat, a German Shepherd and a Hot Dog. (Express Photo: Karanveer Singh Arora)

Want to celebrate Halloween because of Covid 19? Don’t worry, Google has brought a spiritual twist to this year’s Halloween celebration. The company has integrated in its 3D list of specialized 3D animals and objects that include Black Cat, Pirate Dog, Human Skeleton and more.

Google 3D Animals

Google has added three Halloween specific animals to its 3D list, including a German Shepherd dressed as a witch hat, a pirate and a hot dog, where a Touchsond is dressed as a real hot dog. To bring these up you can type the words Black Cat, German Shepherd and Hot Dog, and then tap the “View in 3D” option. The new window will display other 3D characters that you can pick up, with the option of “find your place”, which will put that character in the real world with a Halloween track. You can take a photo or video of the character.

Google 3D Objects

In addition to the three animals, it includes all three objects, including the ghost, the scary pumpkin, and the human skeleton. You can search for Halloween to bring these 3D objects, which will bring a 3D ghost. You can type the jack-o-lamp to bring up the three scary pumpkins, which are rocky on the boot and side. And type the human skeleton to bring up the dancing skeleton. After you search for the keyword on Google, the floating card will display its information in the “View in 3D” button, which will appear in 3D representation when you press the object. To place an object around you, tap the “View in your space” option.

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Note: Google 3D Animals and Objects Available on most Android and iOS devices. To use the feature, the user must search for the correct wording in the Google application or mobile browser.

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