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Real Madrid move to Germany after losing CL start

Check out what’s going on around the Champions League on Tuesday:

Group A.

Bayern Munich coach Hansie Flick says Serge Knabri locomotive could return to the starting line-up against Moscow if he is not blamed for a false positive result in a corona virus test. Atletico beat Madrid 4-0 last week and Eintrach beat Frankfurt 5-0 on Saturday. Bayern lost 3-2 to Rostov in their last Champions League trip to Russia in 2016. Luis Suarez has scored his fourth goal of the season in the Spanish league over the weekend and Atletico are looking to bounce back from a loss to Bayern in the run-up to Salzburg.

Group B

Real Madrid travel to Germany to play Borussia Manchengladbach, who have to start kicking off their Champions League campaign following a 3-2 defeat to Shakhtar Donetsk. When Madrid last left Gladbach, it lost 5-1 in 1985. Shakhtar hosts Inter Milan with more team depth than they did in winning the Madrid team last week, after several players returned after being isolated following the outbreak of a corona virus in the team. Some believe heavily in Romelu Lukaku’s goals. Among those available now are Brazilian forward Tyson and midfielder Taras Stepanenko. Eden Hazard has recovered from injury and could make his season debut with the Madrid team.

Group c

Despite opening the group with a win over Porto last week, Manchester City play in Marseille, failing to win three of the first five games of the Premier League. City record holder Sergio Aguero is without fellow striker Gabriel Jesus. Fernando, Benjamin Mendy, Nathan AK and Fernandinho are also sidelined. Despite his lack of confidence and goals, Tario Benedetto is expected to start at Velotrom against City. Benedetto has not scored for the 1993 European champions so far this season, but coach Andre Villas-Boas has only a few options for ninth place. Marseille are already under pressure as they play their first home game in six years in one of Europe’s best tournaments, after a 1-0 defeat at the Olympiacos.

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Group d

Liverpool are now showing that they can cope without Virgil van Dijk. Premier League champions host Danish club Midgeland have been struggling against Ajax and Sheffield United since last week, without their central defender, facing knee surgery and facing several months. Midfielder Fafinho fills in behind Joe Gomez behind the Dutchman. The game at Anfield is hosted by six-time European champions a club founded only in 1999 and making its first appearance in the Champions League. Atlanta, the amazing quarterback last season, hosts the amazing semifinalist Ajax two seasons ago. It was the first Champions League match for Atlanta in Pergamon, played at San Siro in Milan last season, when its Kiwis Stadium was renovated. But no fans will be allowed inside.


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