Lionel Messi and Anshu Pathi lead Ronald Koman to victory on opening day

Lionel Messi and Anshu Pathi lead Ronald Koman to victory on opening day

Barcelona beat Villarreal 4-0 to get off to a successful start to Ronald Koman’s reign by hosting Spain’s Wonder Anshu Fati show.

Goman’s Barcelona began the league campaign against Unai Emery’s Villarreal at the Lee camp.


Anshu Patti started the 2020-21 campaign in style, scoring a first-half double against Villarreal

Lionel Messi started the game despite being with the Barcelona leaders this summer, which saw him try to get away from the club.

Barca Captain has been critical of the club’s current regime, sending footage in his farewell message to Luis Suarez, a close friend who was expelled from the club to join league rivals Atletico Madrid.

Nevertheless, Messi and Goa resumed business as usual.

Villarreal were initially asleep at work as Anshu Pathi scored the first goal of their league campaign.

Winger Alpha was sent off in the penalty area, and the youth side put the ball in the top left corner.

Four minutes later Patty doubled Barca’s lead as a quick counter-attack landed at his feet as he passed helpless Asenjo between the sticks.

Anshu Fathi blocked his second evening pass with a brilliant counter-attack past Asenjo.


Anshu Fathi blocked his second evening pass with a brilliant counter-attack past Asenjo.Credit: Getty Images

Messi then joined in the action after Fati won a penalty at the half-hour mark, and Bati unselfishly handed the penalty to the captain, with Messi slapping it home.

Villarreal’s evening will then get worse from bad because Messi will drop deeper and deeper to pull the strings.

Barca No. 10 Sergio found an amazing ball floating into the penalty area in search of baskets, and in panic, Pav Torres put the ball in the back of his own net.

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Referee Guillermo Quadra Fernandez came to Villarreal’s rescue with a half-whistle, giving the audience the much-needed break and a chance to reunite.

Barca and Villarreal did not treat us well in the second half of a blockbuster, which was an unusually slow display from the hosts and failed to capitalize on Villarreal.

The extinguishing of firecrackers outside the stadium proved to be the most entertaining aspect of the second half, with Barcelona treating the sky to brilliant shades of blue and red.

The scene outside goes on for a good 10 minutes, diverting attention from the slow and boring football game taking place inside the empty nou camp.

Messi watched in amazement as the sky lit up one night as he and his coach Fatty tore their opponents to shreds of a new one.

Lionel Messi looks on in amazement as Barcelona sky fires


Lionel Messi looks on in amazement as Barcelona sky firesCredit: Getty Images
The sky lit up above the nou camp as Barca dropped Villarreal


The sky lit up over the Nou camp as Barca dropped VillarrealCredit: Getty Images

When the final whistle went off Koman was happy to see, and most importantly Messi smiled again.

If Barca is going to win this season, Messi will have to play with a smile on his face, and in his final season at the club, he will sign in style.

Luis Suarez and partner Sofia leave for Barcelona last time out

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