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Brighton West Brom

Release Date: October 26, 2020 Monday 7:50

West Brom came from behind to fight hard at 1-1 in Brighton.

West Brom’s Jack Livermore took the lead in the first half with an unfortunate own goal, but the Seagulls were unable to hold on to victory.

The spectators came out strong in the second half and were finally rewarded for their pressure in the 83rd minute when Carlon Grant scored his first goal for his new club at home.

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Seagulls boss Graham Potter stressed before the game the need for improvement before the attack, but his side again did not have a medical edge in front of the goal.

They had many chances to take the lead, but goalkeeper Sam Johnstone was a match for all of them, until Branislav Ivanovic’s try allowed Livermore to hit and return to goal.

West Brom’s anticipation for their first win of the season continued, and they struggled to create opportunities on the South Coast.

Brighton goalkeeper Matt Ryan was initially saved by Philip Grovinovic, but the Australian effort lasted until.

After Adam Lallana’s loft cross was captured by Neil Muppe in the 15th minute, the home side held the ball to the back of the net, but the assistant referee raised the offside flag.

The Seagulls had a great chance to take the lead in the 24th minute when they were denied by Johnstone in their 100th appearance for West Brom.

Brighton were quickly broken by Leandro Trosart, who played Lallana behind the Pacers defense before the former Liverpool man squashed the ball to M up Bay instead of shooting himself, but the Frenchman’s effort was saved by the goalkeeper’s long leg.

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Seagulls’ pressure came to a head in the 40th minute when an attempt from Ivanovic allowed Livermore and the back of the net.

Brighton played better to create the opportunity, when Tariq Lambde took the ball and Lallana’s shot was blocked before it was scored across the goal face, where Ivanovic wiped the ball over Livermore’s head and into the back of the net.

West Brom saw off the front foot early in the second half and Connor Gallagher was blocked by home guard shortly after the resumption.

Going into the second half, Fawcett continued to put pressure on home defense, forcing Ryan to save another from Grovinovic.

Matthias Pereira got a good chance for the spectators in the 65th minute when he came on a ball from Connor Townsend but he extended his effort towards the goal and Ryan had to hold a strike from the next corner.

Pereira also came close in the 76th minute when the Brazilian player drove the box from outside the goal and his effort was clipped out of the post.

West Brom’s second half ended in pressure when Ryan turned the ball over to Colt Robinson in the 83rd minute. Exit south coast with a point.

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