Long live the markets, Monday 26 October, 2020

Long live the markets, Monday 26 October, 2020

The outcome of next week’s US election will have a profound effect on markets, economies and the world order. It is unlikely that voter choices and their impact will produce different outcomes.

If the referendum is correct and the election creates a “blue wave” that controls both the House and the Senate for Democrats, it will return to the very ordinary president and in some respects the United States, perhaps the most progressive Franklin D. The agenda of any American president after Roosevelt.

If Trump and Republicans retain control of the Senate, the future is unclear – there is no second-published Republican platform – but it seems reasonable to consider more.

The bureaucracy and more government are possible through the continuation of “America First” isolation and protectionist foreign and trade policies and the militant stance on China, greater control of the domestic economy, higher tax cuts, reopening of the economy and more politicized and less professional tweets.

Even if Biden wins the presidency, the potential outcome for Republicans to retain control of the Senate is certainly a small financial response to the epidemic and a less urgent approach to implementing environmental and more ambitious democratic policies. Climate change.

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