By 2022 there will be 33% teleworkers in France

Thanks to vaccination campaigns, we are gradually moving away from the health crisis. In many countries, restrictions related to this crisis are being relaxed. Little by little, companies are thinking about the post-COVID world.

And many are considering adopting a hybrid model. For example, Google estimates that 60% of its employees will be able to communicate on certain days of the week and 20% will be able to communicate every day.

In France, too, teleworking should continue to be practiced in the post-COVID world. According to a recent release by research firm Gartner, by 2022 there will be 33% teleworkers in France.

As defined by Gardner, a teleworker or remote worker is a person who works one day a week (hybrid workers) or fully from home (workers completely away from home) from their company, government or customer base.

For its part, 37% of telecommuters will be in Germany and 52% in the United Kingdom. The United States leads the region with 53%. Gardner also predicts that by 2022, 31% of the world’s workforce will be telecommunications companies.

New model to increase computer sales

“By the end of 2021, 51% of all knowledge workers in the world are expected to work remotely, compared to 27% of knowledge workers in 2019.”, Predicts US company. “Gardner defines knowledge workers as those engaged in knowledge-intensive careers such as writers, accountants or engineers.”, Refers to this.

“A hybrid employee is the future of the job, with a single remote and on-site solution to improve the labor needs of employers”Gardner’s senior research director Ranjit Adwal said. Nevertheless, the practice of telecommunications varies greatly from one country to another, depending on the extent to which IT tools, culture, etc. are followed.

However, this trend will have an impact on the cost of IT equipment. Although we note an increase in computer sales in 2020, this is likely to continue this year as well.

The demand for PCs and tablets will continue to increase with a mix of workers. In 2021, PC and tablet exports will cross 500 million units for the first time in history, highlighting demand in the business and consumer markets. ”, Says Gardner. Adoption of the hybrid model by companies is also expected to increase the cost of the cloud.

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