D.K. Metcalfe’s Touch Down-Storage Prevention Legend

D.K.  Metcalfe's Touch Down-Storage Prevention Legend

DK Metcalfe is not human. I know this is a bold statement and it needs proof, so I humbly submit this to the court.

Remember everything that happens alone in this one play. Russell Wilson throws a choice to the Buddhist baker in goal beta, he basically has to run in a straight line to score a touchdown. Baker is not a slow player by any stretch of the imagination, he is one of the best defenders in the NFL.

Now, on the other hand there is still a lot to do with Metcalf. He was running a path that put him around in the middle of the formation, 8-10 yards from where Baker caught the ball. At this point he reacts to the interception, runs, and has to travel diagonally to create space between the two players – then manages to tackle the 5-yard line.

Not to mention that it weighs 35 pounds more than the Metcalf Baker, which is interesting in its own right. How is this possible? I have an idea:

DK Metcalfe is not human.

I ask you this, dear reader, has anyone seen the marble statue of Metcalfe and a Greek god in one place? I don’t think so. I believe that Metcalfe is actually the physical metaphor of Hermes, the quick foot ambassador of the gods.

That is really the only explanation I have.

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