What has happened so far at Six Nations 2020? Table, results and more

What has happened so far at Six Nations 2020?  Table, results and more

Six nations are returning this weekend, with an unprecedented, split 2020 tournament postponed to spring.

It should have been closed several months ago on March 14th to be precise, but here we are, with coats, central warming, leaves turning brown, waiting for the coronation in the depths of October.

Four teams have a chance to win the title, with different levels of confidence, but only devices from six countries are available to play.

It’s easy to forget how pre-COVID-19 matches were played, so Radio Times.com It quickly brings out how it exits before re-entry.

Six countries are coming back

England got off to a smooth start in the tournament as they were beaten by France by pre-match hot-shots.

Since then, however, Eddie Jones’ men have been in frantic form. They recorded a brutal 13-6 win over Scotland in the rain at Murrayfield.

Welsh did not perform well in terms of the 2020 results. Their only win so far was to beat Italy 42-0, but Wales scored four and three bonus points against France and England respectively.

Scotland were eliminated and rewarded with some good wins, including a 28-17 win on the last leg against France.

The Scots are still on the crown hunt, but realistically it will come to England, France and Ireland.

Overall, it was a tough match, with some wins and four matches starting to thrill us, even at an unusual time of year.

Devices from six countries

Starting in Ireland and Italy, the long 2020 version of the competition features devices from four to six countries.

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After they play this weekend, all six teams will go head-to-head in three games on the dramatic final day.

For a full list of games, check out our Six Countries devices on TV Guide.

Table of six countries

The Six Nations Schedule is a one-day match against England and a final day match against Italy.

If England beat Italy in detail, the crown is everything but theirs.

However, if they get a non-bonus point win – or even a defeat – there will be a cry of regret over the France or Ireland controversy.

If Ireland beat Italy this weekend as expected, they will go head-to-head with France on the final day, knowing that both sides need a decisive victory to win overall.

Scotland could theoretically lift the trophy more, but they will need a lot of results to get a chance.

  1. UK – 13 Steps (BT: +15)
  2. France – 13pts (PD: +13)
  3. Scotland – 10 Steps (Bt: +14)
  4. Ireland – 9pts (PD: +5) played a low game
  5. Wales – 7 ft (Bt: +25)
  6. Italy – 0pts (PD: -72) Played a low game

Results of six countries

Round 1

Saturday, February 1st

Wales 42-0 Italy

Ireland 19-12 Scotland

Sunday, February 2nd

France 24-17 England

Round 2

Saturday, February 8th

Ireland 24-14 Wales

Scotland 6-13 England

Sunday, February 9th

France 35-22 Italy

Round 3

Saturday, February 22nd

Italy 0-17 Scotland

Wales 23-27 France

Sunday, February 23rd

England 24-12 Ireland

Round 4

March 7 Sat.

England 33-30 Wales

Sunday, March 8th

Scotland 28-17 France

If you are looking for something else to watch, check out our TV guide.

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