NASA is working to prevent further loss of the OSIRIS-REx asteroid model

NASA is working to prevent further loss of the OSIRIS-REx asteroid model

OSIRIS-REx by NASA is trying to save them quickly enough to deliver enough of the remaining models to Earth.

The robotic spacecraft OSIRIS-REx team worked hard to store the remaining models. The team successfully collected a large number of these samples. NASA says samples taken from the Pennu asteroid have been so leaked.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx asteroid was very good at extracting rocks, which are overflowing.

Good at catching asteroid rocks

OSIRIS-REx Group The person in charge of the test is now working to store the remaining samples, which will be sent back to Earth according to scientific intelligence. Mission Chef Dante Loretta told reporters over the phone. He said, “A wealth of the necessary accumulated pile escapes by observation.”

OSIRIS-REx will appear at home with the most extended model rotated from space since the Apollo era. In addition, OSIRIS-REx is coming home In September 2023. Mass models better illustrate the sources of our solar system.

Loretta said she hopes the studies will collect about 400 grams of pieces. It requires at least 60 grams.

Scientists suspect that pieces of mass stored in a collector may form a leak at the end of the study arm. This is due to the large rocks that slightly wedge the collector lid.

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Pieces stored in a lid form a leak

Around the collection arm in a cloud, you can see more or less where there is five to 10 grams. This causes the pieces to act like liquids, which are caused by microgravity conditions.

“Now my biggest loneliness is that the particles are disappearing because of us. We are coming to the victim of our success,” Loretta said.

As a result, a system for mass decision-making was abandoned on Saturday in view of the risk of scattering additional samples.

Is NASA in danger of losing its treasure?

The task is to minimize the activities of the spacecraft. Also, be prepared to finally stack the corporality on a tablet immediately. The extent of the leak has not yet been accurately determined. However, the experts were relatively fearless, which would not be a shame.

“Pennu continues to amaze us with his excellent science, and will throw some curves,” said Thomas Surbuchen, a. NASA Co-executive, said in a statement.

“While we have to move quickly to put the model on a tablet, it’s not an immoral crisis to be on hand.

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