Mike Norwell speaks after the loss of the state of Florida in Louisville

Mike Norwell speaks after the loss of the state of Florida in Louisville

Florida state football fell 2-4 today Cardinals of Louisville Completely surpassed them for 60 minutes of football. Beyond the big win against North Carolina, ‘Knowles fell 48-16, the second 30+ point loss of the season. FSU collapsed as fines, missed blocks and passes dropped. All the self-injuries that Norwell emphasized this week. Until they are defined on a consistent basis, ‘Knowles is going to fight.

Here is what the head coach has to say after the game:

On security: “Defensively, he dropped several explosives. Couple plays on man-to-man coverage. Not much has been done to slow them down today. ”

“Everyone needs to make sure we play together as a unit. When you have the opportunity to create plays, create play.”

Mistakes, Growing Pains: “We got a lot of work within our program and we need to continue to learn from these lessons.”

“The same things that were shown at the beginning of the season are still being shown, so we need to re-evaluate how we keep that quality.”

“You’re not going to succeed if those things continue to be shown.”

In Jordan Travis: “Jordan collided a little bit last week. Through it all he did a good job of training and working. He has to be smart, get what he can get, and keep that playmaking ability. ”

Regarding Subba Purti: “Jordan struggled a bit and wanted to get a chance for Subba after being admitted this week. I think it was a great learning experience for him. ”

About James Blackman and Ron Dugens: “Those two did not make the trip due to ill health.”

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About the future: “I want to see growth. I would love to see the application of the lessons you have learned. There are going to be display errors. At this point, we need to make sure we are playing the game we want to play. ”

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