Goals and Highlights Tigress 1-1 Juarez Day 15 Guard 1 2020 | 10/24/2020

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95 ‘end

The match ends at Universitario Stadium, with some Tigresses giving up the first half, but in vain goal plays.
Bravos gave the best match according to the players they got and equalized the game with Lescano’s best goal in the second half.

90 ‘

Velasquez’s impressive sweep to cover Gignak’s most powerful shot and prevent his team from falling.

84 ‘

Vargas long-range shot that effortlessly blocks Palos.

80 ‘

Yellow card to newcomer Calvan for a mistake in Guido Pizarro in the right field of the area.

73 ‘

Stain on the edge of the area, and yellow card to Carlos Salceto.

70 ‘Goal of Bravos

Tario Lescano scored his eighth goal of the season with a superb half-turn in that area and a shot that stopped Nahuel.

69 ‘

Tigress’ counter-attack, led by Eduardo Vargas, shot the left foot from outside the area but deflected the ball.

65 ‘

The filtered pass from Kignok to Vargas entered the unmarked area, but the ball flew away.

The Tigers opened the scoreboard at home

52 ‘

Alan Mendoza’s title goes above the crossroads.

Target of 46 ‘fields

Juarez’s defense is surprising with a ball, and “tooth” Lopez used the error to be alone and defined without a goalkeeper.

45 ‘

The second half starts with Tigress 0-0 Juarez.

Tigress missed it

45 ‘

Yellow card for Aquino who stopped the Bravo counter-stroke that looks like danger.

43 ‘

Lopez’s best left-footed volleyball to hit Bravo’s crossbar.

40 ‘

Contreras shot from outside the area, but the ball goes too far.

38 ‘

The roof center of Aquino ending in the hands of Palos.

28 ‘

Velasquez advanced back to Nahuel’s goal, this time after a corner kick.

26 ‘

Raphael was shot by Carioca from outside the area that went straight to the location of Palos.

24 ‘

After a shot from Fernandez, the ball was dropped for a kick, but he did not expect it and was able to pass the ball too wide.

20 ‘

Juventus went back on pace, but in the end Tunas won the toss and the play ended dramatically.

10 ‘

Yellow card for Esquivel for a foul against Aquino.

8 ‘

Velasquez advanced after the free kick, but the ball went over Nahuel’s goal.

7 ‘

Tunas gets a yellow card for a false accusation against him when Moro Fernandes is about to enter the area on the right.

0 ‘Sports Stars!

The referee starts blowing the whistle at the match between Tigris and Bravos at the Universidad de Nuevo Leon Stadium.

Enrique Pallos will face his former colleagues

Sequence of Jurassic

Juarez knows how to attack

Small but remarkable detail

Tigris is already “on the volcano”

Good afternoon, Wavell fans

We will present to you in a moment everything related to the Tigers vs Juarez match, the confirmed ranks in the frontier team and the casualties.

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The last match between Tigris and Juarez

In the final clash, the Tigers won the 10th match on “El Volcano” on March 14, with Kignok, Eduardo Vargas and Vasquez Mellado scoring their own goals.

The previous row of dichroism

Guzman, Reyes, Mesa, Carioca, Fernandez, Pizarro, Aquino, Rodriguez, Tunas, Gignog and Lopez.

The previous line of Juarez

Palos, Romo, Velasquez, Oliveira, Hernandez, Armova, Contreras, Esquivel, Fabian, Rubio and Castillo.

Jurassic’s main player

The main player of the Tigris

The last call for Bravos

The Tigers are closing the match better

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