Mindhunter not to return to season 3?

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October 24, 2020 10:37:26 AM

Mindhunters, Mindhunter Season 3, David PincherMindhunters chased members of the FBI’s behavioral science unit, and their mission was to interview notorious serial killers to find out how they operate. (Photo: Netflix)

David Pincher points out that Netflix should not return to the psychological thriller series Mindhunter Season 3. The reason is the limited audience of the show, which was critically acclaimed in relation to its budget.

Fincher shared with Eagle, “Listen, for the audience it had, it was a very expensive show. We talked, ‘Finish the mango and then see how you feel’, but I honestly don’t think I can do this for less than I did in season two. At some level, you have to be realistic – dollars should be equal to eyelids. ”

Created by Joe Benhall, Mindhunter is the real crime book Mindhunter: The FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit Inside. The story follows members of the FBI’s behavioral science unit who were tasked with interviewing notorious serial killers to find out how they operate. This knowledge is used to solve current cases.

Starring Jonathan Graf, Holt McCallney, Anna Dorve, Hannah Cross, Cotter Smith, Cameron Britain and many more in Mindhunter.

The executive who produced Mindhunter and directed several episodes said, “We lived there for almost three years. Not year and year, but ஆறு six or seven months a year… Mindhunter was a lot to me.”

The Netflix door is ready to open a small crack. Speaking of the third season, a spokesman said, “Maybe in five years.”

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