Fortnight’s Marvel deal will last for many years and is part of a larger metawares master plan.

Fortnight's Marvel deal will last for many years and is part of a larger metawares master plan.

Fortnight’s partnership with Marvel now seems to be at its peak. After a few years of cross-country events to promote movies with some guest star skins, we are about to end an entire Marvel season where every Battle Boss skin comes from the Marvel universe and the Galactus is apparently eating Fortnight Island.

It may seem like the end of Fortnight’s Marvel Confederation, but it’s really just a beginning, according to Epic’s Donald Mustard, and this collaboration has been his brain for years, and it’s nowhere near that.

I recently asked for mustard This week on the Marvel Podcast, And he had a lot to say about the collaboration, which will continue in the future.

It doesn’t have to be entirely about Marvel based seasons, but I think he understood why he was coming here.

Mustard talks about the central “Battle of the Nexus” at the center of the Marvel season, and the notes he gives I believe this is a great storyline that covers the birth of the Metawares. Nexus, above all, means “connected series or group”.

First, Fortnight Really You try to be metawares with its live events and sporting events and party modes, where you can go out and cool off. But this is the first sight I see, and it represents the real thing Storyline Fortnite tries to set up metawares based on a true story within the game. These different IPs and characters are metawares that come together in one place. Hence, the “Nexus War.”

As the mustard puts it, it was the moment of tearing apart the reality of “Zero Point” that existed a few seasons ago that “attracted” Galactus to Fortnight Island. Now, we are at a Marvel stage, which Mustard says is “the beginning of many things we have planned for Marvel integration.”

But what is not said here is that we will begin to see a combination of more and more attributes. Fortnight’s own original characters are a big division, yes, but it’s deals signed with DC, Borderlands, Stranger Things, John Wick and, of course, another big Disney property, Star Wars.

What happens here is reminiscent of the point in The Dark Tower, where you understand that Stephen King is trying to create a relationship with the literary worlds, his own creation, yes, but even Harry Potter in the series is able to send notes. The line between these worlds is blurring, which is why I think Fortnight is going here.

So yes, in the future, I think you will see Fortnight continue to use Marvel characters in its story, but I expect them to branch out to interact with other IPs. Given that they are owned by the same company as Star Wars is very obvious, but it’s easy to see that DC is starving so as not to get out of Fortnight’s growing metawares, so yes, there may be a future involving Thor and Superman and Ray, the Galactus and the Dark Sight and the Emperor Balfour. That said, it’s no longer absurd, and there is no limit to the features Fortnight can bring not only to its live metawares, but also to the growing metawares in-game storyline.

Marvel may have been at the helm, initially, and because of Mustard’s long association with them, but they have mapped out the content over the years, and finally the “story” seems to have a clear direction, trying to integrate as many different IPs into one universe as possible, not just a metawares platform for Fortnight. The Nexus is coming.

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